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Our Affiliate Program

Earn money as an Affiliate of AINIRO

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Our Affiliate program

As an affiliate of AINIRO we'll give you 20% commission of first year's revenue resulting from sales where users came to our website through a link you shared. This allows you to share pages and articles from our website to for instance your social media account, such that any sale originating from people clicking these links are automatically associated with you. Contact us to get started as an affiliate.


How it works

Once you become an affiliate of us, we will give you an affiliate ID. This allows you to share any page from our website, including articles, and append ?r=AFFILIATE_ID at the end. The AFFILIATE_ID part is a unique ID we give you, allowing us to track users clicking the link, and automatically associate these with you.

If a user clicks that link and purchases a commercial plan before 30 days have passed after clicking the link, we will automatically give you your commission. To avoid fraud we don't pay out commission before 30 days have passed, but this gives you a nice opportunity to earn some extra on the side by helping us evangelize our products.

If this sounds interesting you can contact us here to get started.

Store Affiliate ID

If you put your affiliate ID in the textbox and click Submit, every link you create later using our share buttons will automatically add your affiliate id to the link.

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