Tomorrow it is one month exactly since Aria, Tage and me parted from AISTA. 75% of all employees in AISTA left the same day due to a refusal from AISTA's investor to pay us our salary. With this AISTA lost all of its technically skilled employees, and only their marketing resource stayed behind.

In this article I will reveal to you what we've already known since that day, which is that AISTA is dead, and AINIRO is "the new AISTA", and that AISTA simply cannot keep up with us on neither quality of product, nor quality of service.

I have made two example pages you can try for yourself, to profile and test AISTA's chatbot and measure it against our.

If you measure bandwidth consumption of the above two chatbots, you will notice that AISTA spends 604KB, while our chatbot spends 46KB. This is a quality improvement of 15 times, implying AISTA's chatbot will spend 15 times more bandwidth than AINIRO's chatbot. This has huge implications for your website, since the more data your website needs to load before it's done, the more likely your users are to go to your competitor.

20 years ago Amazon measured the impact of page load time, and they found that by increasing page load time by 10%, they lost 5% of their revenue. This implies in theory that if you chose AISTA instead of AINIRO, you might lose 50% of your revenue on for instance an E-Commerce website. Below are screenshots of the comparison.

AISTA's bandwidth consumption

AISTA's chatbot

AINIRO's bandwidth consumption

AINIRO's chatbot

The importance

Page load time is one of Google's primary Web Vitals page ranking mechanisms. If you've got a slow website, Google will rank you lower. In addition, the more errors you have on your site, the less traffic Google will give you. AISTA has 3 errors, AINIRO have zero.

AISTA chatbot errors

Unless your website is assembled correctly, you risk losing traffic from Google, and you risk having users not willing to wait for your page to load. To illustrate the difference, let me show you two additional images, which is how Google believes the difference between AISTA and AINIRO is.

AISTA's Web Vitals

AISTA Web Vitals

AINIRO's Web Vitals

AISTA Web Vitals

Additional differences

In addition to the above obvious differences, we've also implemented in our product the following since we started AINIRO.

  • Periodically crawling your website to add new pages to the chatbot's training data
  • Optimised database time 4x, implying less usage of server resources, allowing you to have larger models perform 4x faster
  • Significantly improved our Kubernetes infrastructure, by using real cloud volumes, where AISTA is using file storage attached to the physical machine
  • Create 10 more themes
  • Implemented RTL chatbots supporting Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, etc
  • Implemented a much better crawler
  • Fixed dozens of bugs in our Magic Dashboard
  • Etc, etc, etc

Basically, AINIRO is just like AISTA, only better on every single measurable parameter - Because AISTA doesn't have resources capable of keeping up with us on anything except marketing of course. The last time I checked, the only employee in AISTA was my former Head of Marketing, whom I employed one month before I left. I feel terrible about him, and I wish I had never given him a job. Me employing him, put him in a horrible situation.

Look at their "team" page to see what I mean. Nothing there. They kept my name on their website for 2 weeks after I quit. I politely told Andres to remove it, because I didn't want to pollute my name with what I knew would become their inferior quality ... :/

Epitaph over AISTA

I feel sad about AISTA, it was my company. I was the founder and the CEO for AISTA for 18 months. I spent 80+ hours every week, working for much less than what I would be getting any other place. I built AISTA, with my own hands, almost alone - And my investor destroyed it in one week, because he refused to pay my children, for work they had already done.

For 2 months Aria and Tage worked for AISTA. When it was time to pay them, my investor and "partner" refused to pay them, and also refused to pay me my bonus. This was AISTA when we quit. Their organic Google Website Traffic was worth roughly 20,000 EUROs per month. I did that in 3 months with my own hands. Read their blogs to see who wrote them. Our blogs gave us 90% of our traffic ...

AISTA traffic

My investor told me the 3rd of April that he refused to pay my children, he also refused we had an agreement about paying them. I spent one week trying to talk sense into him - I failed, and AISTA died. I want to emphasise that my investor claims to have 15,000 employees, and also claims to have revenue of 300 million EUROs per year - Yet for weird reasons, he could not afford to pay my children €6,000 for the job they had already done ...

I will never forget that horrible feeling in my stomach when my daughter Aria told me; "I'm looking at my fridge, it's almost empty, and I've got €20 to buy food for. My rent is due, and I can't pay it". At that point my investor owed her €3,000 for work she had already done, and he owed Tage another €3,000. I did what I had to do, which was to pick up my stuff and leave. He claims we had no deal to hire my children, here is his own PM confirming he is lying.

Investor lies

Look carefully how Mr. Investor tried to delete the PM later. But I found it on my phone. The irony ... 😂

Investor lies

Notice, my investor wanted to "give my children a loan", while they were supposed to teach his Ukrainian technicians how to do their job, for 3 months, before he would fire my children - At which point they were supposed to pay back the loan. Let me ask you a question Mr. Investor.

What did you expect me to do?

When we quit AISTA, we had a revenue growth of 40% per month, and my financial projections was that the company would become profitable in 2 months - Which was 10 months before my budgeted projections. Basically, I built a company twice as successful as promised, in half the time I had promised, for 33% of the investment money I had been given - And my "reward" was that I was expected to hand over the company to my "partner" and investor after having only spent 33% of my budget, not being able to pay my children for work they had already done. Well, here's the result of that thing ...

AISTA is dead, long live AINIRO!

I am not legally allowed to solicit customers or partners. However, Tage and Aria are allowed, and I am just a "regular employee" in AINIRO, which is 100% owned and operated by Aria and Tage. If you're a former client of AISTA, I'm sure they would love your business, and I know they'd deliver 100 times better service and products than AISTA possibly can, because AISTA is dead.

I am legally bound by a contract that says I am not allowed to "publicly defame him" - However, the last time I checked, I am legally allowed to protect myself against public defamations - It's the corner stone of our justice system some would argue. And this article is a response to his defamations of me. Below you can see what he says about me ...

Him outing himself

Yes Mr. Investor, the company had money in its bank account. More than 500,000 EUROs to be accurate, since I had only spent 70% of my budget at that time. However, you controlled the bank accounts as the company's CFO, and you refused to pay my children for a job they had already done, which effectively was saving your company.

My "Kids" SAVED your company, and you rewarded them by refusing to pay them what you had agreed to pay them. They quit their day jobs to save your company in fact. They were responsible for 90% of the revenue we had, and you wanted to throw them over board

I am not taking the fall for this. First rule of poker is "if you don't know who's the schmuck in the room, you're it". I know who the schmuck is, do you Mr. Investor ...?

I built a successful company

I built a successful company, AISTA - I built it in half the time, spending half the money, and I built it twice as fast as promised. And Mr. Investor destroyed 18 months of work in 1 week, and tried to blame me, the irony. My reasons for writing this blog, is because AISTA was a slam dunk success. It was the best thing I did professionally in my entire life. I worked 80 hours every single week for almost two years, without a single day of vacation, and I want it on my CV.

I single handedly built a "billion dollar company", twice as fast, spending half my budget, and nobody can ever take that way from me. I created an entrepreneurial software development miracle, but I was back stabbed by my investor. The strongest chain is never stronger than its weakest link, and at AISTA the VC guy was the weakest link unfortunately, and his weakness ended up destroying the entire company.

However, I did this, and you can never take it away from me. Paradoxically, I suspect that fact was a part of his reasons for not wanting me to have this success. When we argued he once said "I don't need AISTA, I've got several other companies that are almost worth a billion dollars". I suspect he only wanted to destroy my success, and that he wanted to destroy my success more than he wanted a return on his investment.

Well, I did this almost alone Mr. Investor, with only my children helping me, and we're doing it again, and you can't stop us!

An open letter to AISTA's clients

I am sure our CEO would love to "steal" AISTA's clients and partners. Tage never signed anything, I personally made sure of it - And I cannot be held accountable for what my employer does, because I'm "just another employee" now in my children's company 😇

If you want to talk to my CEO, you can send him an email here - I happen to know for a fact that he's an amazing CEO, leader, entrepreneur, and human being. Kids, I'm so proud of you I'm about to burst 😊

Psst, dear Mr. Investor ...

You wanted to steal it from us, we just beat you to the finish line you schmuck! 😁

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 10. May 2023

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