ChatGPT chatbot, the Biggest Scam of the 21st Century

ChatGPT chatbot, the Biggest Scam of the 21st Century

The "ChatGPT chatbot with your own data" market has been a gold rush for 11 months now, with every single dubious and shady individual on the planet with some basic psychology knowledge, having thrown themselves into it as if it was the new Bitcoin.

We've struggled with these companies for 11 months now, drowning our message in garbage marketing pitches, created to lure the naive into opting into services that are basically nothing more than 50 lines of PHP code, wrapping some 100 lines of JavaScript and CSS, providing zero value to the customer.

OpenAI's announcement on the 6th of November was therefore a huge win for us. OpenAI singlehandedly destroyed possibly as many as 9,000 "companies". However, using the word "company" here is possibly the exaggeration of the century, since 90% of the actors in this eco-system are probably nothing more but email harvesting schemes, who's sole purpose was to collect emails, selling your email address to the next BitCoin hype, NFT scam, or possibly even worse.

ProductHunt is my proof

Look at the following screenshot please. It's the search result for the phrase "ChatGPT chatbot" on ProductHunt. You can see it with your own eyes here.

ProductHunt screenshot of ChatGPT chatbot

I actually went through the top products here, and 10 of them didn't even work - However, they carefully collected my email address before I realised they didn't work. 50% of them don't even use their own product, and had no demo. Some 25% of these products were the same product as previously launched a month before, only with a different domain, with a 301 permanent redirect to the same product that was launched a month earlier. If that isn't a violation of ProductHunt's community guidelines, I suggest ProductHunt deletes themselves from the world wide web!

Roughly 10% of the above products are real products, the rest are simply garbage scams, probably intended to simply collect your email address during signup, such that they can sell you on the next NFT or BitCoin scam when they've got it ready.

Still most of these products have 900+ upvotes, 50+ comments, most of which are in the "Great product" category, and provide little to no value what so ever. It's typically the same people upvoting and commenting on all products, and on an average day for the last 11 months, 50% of all products launched at ProductHunt was in this category.

The phrase "ChatGPT chatbot with your own data" basically destroyed ProductHunt in one year!

ProductHunt is today "the garbage can of the internet for products" because of not being able to eliminate these fake and garbage products.

Why do I care?

Because we have a real product in this category. We can more or less split the atom with our chatbot. Still you need to scroll down to page 11,567 before you find our product, with 35 upvotes and 10 comments. On the day we launched, 3 of the above products outperformed us, even though we have 22,567 features they don't, and we have 1,000 times as high quality, and even a better and more search engine optimised website.

As I ate my breakfast this morning, I saw "Elon Musk"'s face on YouTube. I normally don't write articles about YouTube ads for obvious reasons, but this one was simply so amazing I couldn't resist. It's obviously a deep fake, trying to sell you on "investment advise". It's the first time in months I've actually tried to watch an ad on YouTube in its entirety, because I immediately knew it was a scam, and I was curious about its punchline.

It followed all the psychology rubbish narrative, such as building up tension, not telling me about what it actually was about, exclusively mentioning how I could, and I quote; "exchange economy class for a private jet", if I would "only accept Elon Musk's trading advise".

It's obviously a scam, probably some sort of trading scam, where I'm supposed to "invest my money" in some dubious trading rubbish company, resulting in all my money ending up in some mafia criminal hacker's private pockets.

The fact that YouTube allows for this garbage is simply beyond my understanding. And the fact that Elon Musk haven't sued YouTube into oblivion for letting such garbage through, is also beyond my comprehension

Elon Musk selling trading advise on YouTube

"I see AI scams everywhere, they think they're alive, but they're in fact dead"

I suspect the fact that I see the above YouTube ad literally 2 days after OpenAI having destroyed the ChatGPT chatbot market is no coincidence. As OpenAI launched "assistants" the other day, it became impossible to scam people by setting up new "ChatGPT chatbot with your own data" companies, and the same scammers probably figured out they'd make some fast bucks by deep faking Elon instead ...

The ChatGPT chatbot scammers have returned to BitCoin and NFTs it seems ...

Finally some sunlight!

For us OpenAI destroying this market is the best thing that could possibly happen. I've dreamt of this moment for months now! You see ChatGPT chatbots is basically our flagship product. But contrary to the scammers having hired some junior PHP developer for a couple of hours, we've got years of innovation in our product.

I could mention features for 100+ pages without repeating myself, but you only need to ask our chatbot a simple question to realise the difference yourself, with your own eyes, and that question is ...

Can you display images?

It's one feature, among 100,000+ features we have, that ZERO of the companies ahead of us at ProductHunt have. Yes, literally ZERO! However, we can also collect data such as emails and names, integrate with your CRM system, integrate with Shopify, you can extend our platform with your own SQL database, etc, etc, etc ...

Still, there were 9,999 "ChatGPT chatbot with your own data" companies out there literally selling 1,000 as much product as us. Today I will bury them, and pop a bottle of Champagne as I do, celebrating the fact that finally the industry matured ...

Goodbye you schmucks and scammers! Now crawl back to your NFT and Crypto scams. You had your "ChatGPT money for nothing" moment, we've seen your rubbish, and it simply doesn't hold up! R.I.P!

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 8. Nov 2023

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