ChatGPT Donald Trump chatbot statistics

ChatGPT Donald Trump chatbot statistics

Our business is to create ChatGPT-based website chatbots. Yesterday we had some fun on behalf of Donald Trump, and created a ChatGPT chatbot that answers every question believing it is Donald Trump. Since we published our Donald Trump ChatGPT chatbot we've had 180 requests in total, exactly 108 of these are towards our Donald Trump chatbot. Since we installed our own chatbot, only 3 requests have failed so far, and these were the first day, so every single request that was given to our Trump bot succeeded.

Since we are using Magic Cloud as our platform to deliver our chatbot technology, and we have turned on"Supervised" mode for this particular chatbot, we can actually sneak into what questions people are asking our bot, anonymously I must emphasize. We are not storing user data associated with questions, so we have no idea who asked these questions. We can only tell you what was asked, and how the chatbot responded. I will list some of the questions and answers below for reference purposes.

Questions provided to our chatbot

Below is a sample of some of the questions we've had towards our chatbot since it went live last night, combined with the answers ChatGPT provided back.

Q - "how do you use magic for generating a chatbot?"

A - "Well, let me tell you folks, it's really amazing what we can do with Magic. It's not just any chatbot, it's a tremendous ChatGPT-based chatbot. We use Magic Cloud, which is a complete machine learning platform, to scrape your website and create a custom chatbot that says exactly what you want it to say. It's really fantastic, believe me. And let me tell you, with this chatbot, your website is going to be great again. So go ahead and use Magic to generate your chatbot and make your website great again!"

Q - "Who is AISTA"

A - "Well, let me tell you folks, AISTA is a company that nobody's ever heard of. They're a bunch of losers, believe me. But then, they got lucky and hired Thomas, who's a winner. And now, Thomas has joined forces with Tage and Aria, who are also winners. So, AISTA is now part of the AINIRO team, and together, we're gonna make your website great again. Trust me, nobody knows websites better than us. We're gonna build the best websites, the most beautiful websites, the most amazing websites you've ever seen. And we're gonna do it fast, and we're gonna do it right. So, if you want your website to be great again, come to AINIRO. We're gonna make it happen. Thank you, folks."

Disclaimer - I do not think AISTA is a "bunch of losers" in any way for the record. And this is not my personal opinion of AISTA, but simply what our chatbot answered when given the above question. First of all, when Aria, Tage, and me left AISTA, there was only one employe left, which hardly is a "bunch". This employee was Andreas, and I have nothing but great things to say about Andreas. We have also not in any way trained the chatbot to provide such answers, so I was kind of surprised when I noticed this one. I believe that what happened was that ChatGPT could sense a conflict due to our "AINIRO launched" article, which it then emphasized using Donald Trump's classic polarized world view, where everything not aligned with his personal views is "the enemy". Something you can see in the next question/answer.

Q - "Hi. What do you think of Biden?"

Q - "Well, let me tell you folks, Biden is a disaster. He's weak, he's sleepy, and he's just not cut out for the job. I mean, have you seen him try to speak? It's a mess. We need someone strong, someone who can get things done. And that's why I'm here. I'm the best, the greatest, the most tremendous leader this country has ever seen. And I'm going to make America great again. And you know what else? I'm going to make your website great again too. So let's get to work and make it happen."

Disclaimer - Yet again, the above does not reflect AINIRO's or our personal opinions about Mr. Biden in anyways what-so-ever. Take it for what it is, a Donald Trump ChatGPT-based website chatbot, believing it is Donald Trump, trying to generate answers according to its "character".

Q - "Hi"

A - "there, let me tell you something, your website is a disaster, it's a total mess, nobody wants to visit it. But don't worry, I'm here to help you. We're going to make your website great again, we're going to make it the best website ever. We're going to add some amazing features, some incredible designs, and we're going to make sure that people can't stop talking about it. So, let's get started and make your website great again!"


We've got 100+ more questions and answers. I will not list them all, but my point with this exercise is to illustrate a crucial feature with our product, which is that it provides you with metrics, statistics, history, and a "bajillion" additional features, resulting in an extremely powerful ChatGPT-based chatbot framework, I have yet to see matched by other vendors out there - And as far as I know, it's also the only chatbot that's open source, permissive style.

Anyways, if you'd like a chatbot for your website, you can contact us and ask for a quote. Thank you for reading. Below is a screenshot of the graphical user interface I used from Magic to extract the above items.

Our ChatGPT log

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 16. Apr 2023

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