Dear VC firm, pay me to NOT work or I will steal your lunch

Dear VC firm, pay me to NOT work or I will steal your lunch

If we imagine there's roughly 30 VC backed vector database systems today, and we imagine their average monetary acquisitions are at 25 million dollars each, this becomes a total investment in semantic vector based search databases of roughly 750 million US dollars. My recent contributions to SQLite VSS easily reduced the value of these companies by 50% - Especially considering it's like a bajillion times easier to install, and 0.0001% of the costs 😅

I spent roughly 40 hours per week, for 3 weeks working on the problem, and the result is that 30+ VC firms, most of whom are A class Silicon Valley VC firms, lost a total of 375 million dollars combined. I'll list some of these VSS database companies up below to make sure Google and other search engines associates me with them, resulting in that with some luck, at least 50% of those looking to purchase a commercial license from these vendors will rather chose to use the Open Source VSS SQLite library I've been contributing to over the last month.

375 million dollars, divided by 40 hours per week, multiplied by 3 weeks, becomes a total value of 3.13 million dollars per hour. This implies that every time I contribute to open source code in the AI space, I am destroying VC firm investments of roughly 3.13 million dollars per hour I work.

What can I say, I am a very, very, very bad guy 😁

Why your VC firm should pay me to NOT WORK

I'm a super skilled C++ developer. In fact, Bjarne Stroustrup at some point linked to my C++ GUI library as an example of "how to create a GUI library for the next 0x std". This was some years ago admidettly, but still proves the point. I passionately hate C++ of course, because it's a ridiculous programming language, arguably impossible to learn for people not born before 1980 because of "too much automatic garbage collection in Python habits acquired over time". This implies I belong to the 0.01% of software developers today that can actually take existing C++ code, plug its holes and fix the memory management, and make sure it works.

For the record, even though Python is "the AI programming language", we all know the core foundation building blocks are built in C++. Implying if you'll see somebody take your lunch, it'll be a C++ developer and not a Python developer.

In addition to that I'm a seriously seasoned C++ developer, I'm also the by far largest contributor to GitHub in the island of Cyprus, if you count all my 3 different email addresses I've used the last 5 years, since GitHub started counting. I think I'm up to 10,000+ commits in total - Which is almost twice as much as number two on the same list. This is amongst a population of 2 million + people living in Cyprus.

On top of this I just so happen to be one of extremely few Open Source developers that understands the business value of software solutions, combined with an eye for UX and UI, making me capable of not only delivering kick as core building blocks, but also easily used and installed kick ass core building blocks.

I also happen to belong to a fairly exclusive club of software developers with more than 40 years of actual software development experience, 25 years as a professional, having started at the age of 8.

All of the above factors combined probably puts me in a sweet spot as a software developer, probably no more than 5 to 10 other people on the planet belongs to.

Pay me to sign your non-compete

If you're a VC firm, I'll give you the deal of your life though. You pay AINIRO $30,000 per month in return for me signing a non-compete that says something such as follows ...

Thomas in not allowed to work on Open Source software in the "xyz" segment for as long as we pay him for not doing so

Basically, as long as you pay me $30,000 per month, I'll let you have "your little startup alone", avoid having to compete with some Viking berserk software developer from Norway, simply looking to disrupt all and everything, in some twisted and distorted modern "Robin Hood" story.

Why $30,000 per month?

Because that's what the previous VC schmuck stole from me a couple of months ago, and besides it's what Aria, Tage and me need to make sure we have a comfortable salary, being able to pay for expenses, creating and growing our existing startup, based upon Low-Code, AI Chatbots, and other similar constructs.


If I'd guess, I'd say the existing capital investments in LLM and transformer models are at roughly a trillion dollars so far, and growing by a billion each day. A trillion dollars I could easily destroy in 3 to 6 months of C++ development. A job probably less than 5 people on the planet are capable of doing (alone) may I add.

I'd say buying a signed non-compete from me for $30,000 per month is a cheap investment to reduce your risks ... 😉

Psst, I've checked, and exorting VC firms for money in return for a signed non-compete, eliminating competition, reducing risks, is a perfectly legal thing to do 😁

Once you've run this through your risk department, feel free to send us an email and start planning how to pay me my extortion money 😁

FYI, Tage and Aria had no idea I was going to write this blog, and I take full responsibility over it myself 😁

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 24. Jun 2023

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