Earn Money by Sharing Our Articles

Earn Money by Sharing Our Articles

Notice - Before you start doing this, you need to contact Aria or Tage and make sure your partner cloudlet has been correctly configured to allow for this, and you might also want to do a "dry run" to verify the infrastructure is working correctly. Anyways, let's get back to our topic ...

I have a weakness. I am old enough to admit my weakness to myself, and I am also wise enough to realise how I can benefit from my weakness. My weakness is that I'm a "people pleaser". I've tried to change it my entire life, but it's just one of those things that seems to be hardwired into me ...

This results in that I often put other people's needs before my own needs, which is a very destructive thing to do. However, with wisdom comes the realisation of how to benefit from your weakness. My favourite quote ever clearly illustrates this concept, which is taken from the Bible and is as follows ...

The last shall be the first

Basically, him who serves others and put others before himself, shall be the first to enjoy the fruits of his labour. It is a highly mystical concept, and it's impossible to believe in before you have experienced it - But I can guarantee you it's the truth!

Partner cloudlet routing URLs

Today we released a kick ass feature for our partners. It was actually Gary's suggestion. I will write more about Gary later, but it was also inspired by Hector asking me if he should focus on SEO. Realising how much work SEO is, I advised Hector to not do it. Hector is a "people person", and SEO requires an insane amount of work, in addition to a skillset most "people persons" simply don't have - So my advise to Hector was ...

Do what you're GOOD at, let me do what I am good at

However, as I started thinking about this, I realise that if we look at AINIRO and our partners as a single entity, I can actually allow our partners to benefit from my SEO skills. This of course was a huge part of the point in our non-zero sum game article.

The basic idea is if one of us collects, we ALL collect

The technology

To illustrate the technical implementation, imagine the following URL.


The above URL leads to our primary ChatGPT product page. However, the p query parameter works as a 30 day "routing argument" which implies that if anybody visits the above URL, for then to come back to any part of our website within 30 days and creates a chatbot - We are not getting the leads. The lead is "routed" to Hector and Nicolle's cloudlet, they end up getting the email address, the name, and end up hosting the chatbot.

This allows any one of our partners to share links to our website, resulting in that they get the lead, using our website as their own lead funnel entry point.

This allows you to use OUR website to generate leads for YOUR company

The Advantage for our Partners

For our partners this results in that they don't have to spend 500 hours on SEO. Our partners can immediately start using a "perfectly tuned lead generation machine" in their own marketing efforts, as the entry point for their own sales funnel. Our partners can share extremely well written articles written by us with their network, and anyone who clicks the link and creates a chatbot, ends up become our partner's customer.

You could argue we're giving you OUR customers 😁

In a way this logic resembles afffiliate links from the old days, with the crucial difference being that a traditional affiliate link only gives you a percentage of the revenue - While our logic literally gives away the entire client to our partner. It's like the super man version of affiliate links.

Writing great articles easily requires at least one hour of work every single day, and most of our partners simply don't have the time to do this. If you're serious about SEO, you must write several high quality articles every single week. I happen to love writing articles, and we're now allowing our partners to benefit from our articles, by leveraging our articles in their own social media efforts, such that they earn money by sharing our articles.

Combing this with our recently added feature that allows you to generate Social Media Status updates automatically, based upon our article's content, gives you a process to sharing our articles on Social Media that virtually guarantees you that you can leverage our website to increase your "social media credit score". Below is a screenshot of our ChatGPT Social Media widget.

ChatGPT for Social Media

You can try out the widget for yourself by scrolling to the bottom of this article, and click any of the "Share to" buttons. This will trigger ChatGPT, have it create a super high quality Social Media Status update, allowing you to instantly share this article with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Watch the following video to understand the concept.

The Advantages for us

Everybody who knows anything about SEO knows that backlinks is a big thing. A backlink is basically a link to one of your pages in your website from another website. The idea was invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they started Google 25 years ago, and it's basically the idea that a backlink is "a democratic vote" for another website, stating "this website is good". Over time the PageRank algorithm significantly increased the quality of search engine results, since it ensured that the search engine would show pages with high PageRank first, due to the PageRank algorithm prioritising content with many backlinks from websites with high authority. This was arguably the democratization of the World Wide Web.

For us, this implies that as you're sharing content from our website, you're building backlinks for us, ensuring that our website bubbles up to the top over time, resulting in more organic traffic from Google. In addition since we're doing revenue share with our partners, we also make money every time our partner makes money.


To understand how the process works, you can watch the following video where I walk you through the entire concept in some 5 minutes.

If you want to become a partner of us, you can contact us here. I want to emphasize that this will require you to be eligible, and is not something we're giving away to everybody. Becoming a partner of us is an investment from your side, and requires you to actually do some work, in addition to that you're able to deliver high quality chatbots.

We will of course train you on this, but it's not a "free lunch"

I needed to state that out loud, since it seems like everybody is trying to find their own "get rich fast scams" with ChatGPT today. If that's what you're looking for, please go somewhere else ...

However, if you're willing to put down some work, learn how to admninistrate ChatGPT chatbots, and deliver amazing quality to your clients - We'd love to talk with you.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 3. Jun 2023

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