HubSpot's Chatbot versus AINIRO's Chatbot

HubSpot's Chatbot versus AINIRO's Chatbot

Do me a favour and go to HubSpot and ask their chatbot anything. Then try our alternative version below.

Notice, I created the above chatbot in some 2 minutes by punching in HubSpot's URL into our website scraper, which automatically created a custom Chatbot, using HubSpot's website as its single source of truth - For then to create a copy of their website and embed our chatbot on the copy.

A real production grade chatbot from AINIRO will (obviously) have 100x as high quality. Still, I suspect most people will agree with me that already our chatbot is running around HubSpot's chatbot in circles. Below are some example questions and answers our chatbot gave me. You are of course more than welcome to reproduce my test.

What is HubSpot?

What is HubSpot - AINIRO version

Notice how our chatbot is actively trying to sell HubSpot's services, and providing powerful words such as "leading", "grow better" and "designed to scale" - In an attempt at making the recipient believe in that it's a great product. Our chatbot is also displaying images to strenghten its message. Below is the same answer as provided by HubSpot's chatbot.

What is HubSpot - HubSpot version

I'm obviously biased, but I find the HubSpot chatbot's answer to be dull, without any passion, incapable of convincing me of their superiority as a CRM vendor.

What advantages does HubSpot's CRM have?

What is HubSpot - AINIRO version

Notice the numbered list. People are more likely to remember lists of advantages such as the above. In addition the chatbot provides relevant emojis, and selling words, such as "Unified Platform", "growth" and "Easy to Use", etc. If I scroll down I will even find a relevant image, further emphasizing the sales message. I want to emphasize there exists research in the subject that proves that one single product image increases sales by 2x. Implying ignoring everything else, our chatbot would purely scientifically already have sold twice as much product for HubSpot as their own chatbot.

What is HubSpot - AINIRO version with images

Below is HubSpot chatbot's answer.

What is HubSpot - HubSpot version

As you can see, it completely gave up, probably interpreting my question as a potential lead, trying to connect me with a sales executive. For the record, I waited for 5 minutes, and no sales rep showed up. Probably because nobody in sales at HubSpot cares anymore, after having realized 99% of all "leads" the chatbot generates are false positives.

Stuff ONLY our chatbot gave me

Since HubSpot's chatbot completely gave up at this point, probably ashamed of its own lack of quality, I'll just show you some more screenshots of what our chatbot was able to tell me about HubSpot. Yet again, I want to emphasize, I created this chatbot in 2 minutes and I didn't apply any customization to it at ALL!

What is HubSpot - HubSpot version

I love the image, in addition to the "bringing together" part. It creates a lot of trust, and makes me believe in the product. Let's check how it works in regards to tempting people to apply for a job at HubSpot ...

What is HubSpot - HubSpot version

Wow! I'm ready to apply 😂

What is HubSpot - HubSpot version

I'm speechless. I particularly loved the little girl on her father's shoulders. I'm sure already 50% of those reading this article is applying for a job at HubSpot 😂

What is HubSpot - HubSpot version

And of course, as I ask it if there are any vacant positions, our chatbot literally leads me directly to their apply pages, from where I can apply for jobs in specific regions of the world. Click the link, and VOILA! You're applying for a job at HubSpot.

Now imagine this was a product you were trying to sell on your website 😁


Tage will hate me for saying this. He believes we don't have to talk negatively about our competitors in order to succeed, but I simply have to. The lack of quality in HubSpot's chatbot, combined with the fact that they actually put it into production, AND are offering it to their clients for free, forces my hand you might argue. And my conclusion about HubSpot's Chatbot is as follows.

HubSpot's Chatbot is junkware, and a flaming hot pile of garbage - And I wouldn't use it myself if they PAID me to use it!

A qualified guess is that our chatbot would automate some 3 to 5 orders of magnitudes more customer service requests than HubSpot's chatbot, and probably sell equally much more product for you. But then again, HubSpot's chatbot has ONE advantage we don't have, which is as follows ...

It's free 😂


I happen to know the history of their chatbot. Apparently their CTO created it himself. I saw him working on it still in March, and he probably started on it in December - Implying we're talking about 4 man months worth of work here.

Being the CTO of HubSpot, a class A SaaS provider with thousands of employees all over the world, he's probably earning at least some €500,000per year - Probably more. $500,000 divided by 3 becomes €166,666. Our professional plan starts at $198 per month. A company like HubSpot would probably have been able to use our professional plan, for a single chatbot, maybe the enterprise plan if they wanted customization. Dividing 166,000 by 198 becomes 841 months. Divide further by 12 you end up with 70 years.

That means that ignoring all the lost sales, the frustrated users turning their back on their product, etc - HubSpot will have a return on their investment (ROI) in 70 years from now, compared to simply buying our stuff. If HubSpot's CEO or CTO is interested in initiating talks with us to see how A REAL CHATBOT IS BUILT they are more than welcome to contact us below 😂

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 22. Aug 2023

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