OpenAI destroys 9,000 Chatbot Companies

OpenAI destroys 9,000 Chatbot Companies

We've already written about the core changes of the release OpenAI came out with yesterday. However, one thing we didn't speak about yet, which is that OpenAI have now implemented direct support for RAG. This implies you can upload your own data, and OpenAI will themselves use VSS search on your data to seed the model with context data as the user is asking questions.

There are probably 10,000 chatbot companies in the world today wrapping OpenAI and their LLM models. My guess is that 9,000 of these provides little value to OpenAI besides this simple feature. Implying that today there will be 9,000 less "ChatGPT-chatbot with your own data" type of companies out there.

We're not worried!

To understand why realise we're more of a service company than a product company. When we get a client, we spend huge amounts of time studying the business requirements, the services, and products the client is delivering. Paradoxically it's a surprisingly manual job, not easily done with automation - Even though our product obviously is automation.

Secondly, VSS is one of a "bajillion features" we've got. To understand why try to ask our chatbot "What's the date?"

ChatGPT chatbot that knows the date

Notice how it gives me the correct date, and tries to funnel me into a meeting to discuss our solutions, attempting to sell you on our product. This is a core feature, allowing our stuff to work with real time data. Schwoogle being one tiny example of this, where we can feed live data to OpenAI and even dynamically extract data from your own internal databases on a per request level. Watch the video below to understand what I'm talking about.

In addition to this, we've got the ability to show historical requests, extract business intelligence, and connect to your Shopify API. I could go on for hours mentioning how we add to OpenAI's default value proposition. For us this addition is a fresh breeze, because it "weeds out" all the companies with little to no actual value proposition, leaving only the serious actors standing.

If all you want is a chatbot, you don't need anything but OpenAI now

However, the point being that we provide a lot more than "just a chatbot". And we are of course always looking for ways to expand our value proposition, by adding additional features, OpenAI is not able to deliver themselves, either because of practical reasons, or because they're "too small" for them to bother.

For us this latest move from OpenAI is a healthy pruning operation, helping the world get rid of shallow companies and individuals, looking to cash in a few fast bucks on AI, by adding 50 lines of PHP code on top of OpenAI's APIs.

What we provide

To understand our value proposition, realise we started building our platform years before ChatGPT even existed. Only when ChatGPT came, it was such an obvious automation tool for us it was screaming to become an integral part of our platform - So we built it horizontally into every single component we had.

Then we created a chatbot ourselves to handle support and funnel leads into our pipeline, and every time we mentioned we have a ChatGPT-based chatbot, people stopped us from talking and asked "when can I have it". However, to classify our company as a "ChatGPT-chatbot company" is like classifying a Ferrari as "a car". Let me give you an idea with another YouTube video.

We're a Low-Code AI platform vendor

To understand what we're doing, realise that we have a complete Low-Code software development platform, allowing us to leverage AI, and provide such leverage as a service to others. What OpenAI implements as features is almost irrelevant to us, because we've got so much value on top of their AI platform that regardless of what you're looking for we can probably provide it.

From our perspective OpenAI implementing the ability to create assistants and hosting these in their App Store is a welcoming contribution, and we will of course take advantage of this any ways that makes sense, while continuing delivering our own value on top of whatever OpenAI delivers.


If all you need is a ChatGPT-chatbot with your own custom data, you don't need us. In fact you don't need anything but OpenAI themselves. If what you're looking for is automation, reduced costs, increased sales, increased lead generation, business intelligence, data gathering, AI expertise, etc - You need us - And now that OpenAI destroyed 9,000 "ChatGPT with your own data companies" I suspect that's significantly easier for us to communicate ...!! 😊

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 7. Nov 2023

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