OpenAI is Dead, Long Live Microsoft

OpenAI is Dead, Long Live Microsoft

TL;TR - Relax, everything will be fine for our customers, probably better in fact.

Last Friday Ilya Sutskever did the single largest financial suicide through corporate history and flushed 80 billion dollars down the toilet, basically destroying OpenAI, that was being valued at 80 billion dollars.

His reasons? "AI safety", which has now entered the same absurd position as the fear of the bogeyman, Kokorona, and the belief in Rudolph the Reindeer. Lessons learned ...?

If you put "AI" and "existential threat" into the same sentence, very, very, very bad things will happen - Blame it on the Basilisk if it helps 😂

Something I pointed out here a long time ago, but being yeat another thing (sigh!) nobody believed as I told them. Facts are, the only "existential threat" associated with AI is "the existential threat for your sanity", something clearly illustrated by the board members of OpenAI last Friday.

The belief in AI being an "existential threat to humanity" is a psychosis, period! A slightly more complex psychosis since it's being evangelised by some of our smartest minds, but still a psychosis and a psychiatric diagnosis - Which explains the image of this article.

Ilya, SEEK HELP!! Find somebody to talk to. Walk in nature. Maybe get a dog, or pay a therapist or something. In lack of a better clinical term I'd say you're basically "bat shit crazy", and so are everybody else sharing your belief! You've been listening too much to fruit cake conspiracy theorists, and it's not doing you any good!

OpenAI is Dead

Yup, I said it! OpenAI is basically dead. We're currently as I am writing this seeing a max exodus of brain power from OpenAI to other companies - Primarily Microsoft, since that's where Sam and Greg will be working. Microsoft of course will not be willing to subsidise Ilya's billion dollar fairy tale bogeyman venture for very long, so I suspect within 6 to 12 months it'll have less than 10 employees, and barely hump along.

Microsoft is in it to make money, and they've now got most of the important talent from OpenAI working for them, in addition to probably also most of the IP. With Microsoft already owning 49% of OpenAI, they only need an addition 1.1% to basically run off with all of their intellectual property too.

This is a Good thing

First of all, we've taken the fruit cake conspiracy theorists out of the equation, and can now allow for rational thinking and logic to help us find a common future for this amazing invention that AI after all is. Paranoid schizos, such as Ilya and the rest of OpenAI's board, now basically have nothing to say in regards to AI's future - Which is a good thing.

The inmates are no longer running the asylum

Microsoft of course being very smart people, will not pull the plug on the money supply to OpenAI before they have a drop in replacement ready, which might be only weeks from now assuming they can somehow get 1.1% of the rest of the owners to vote in their favour - Many of whom are literally employed at Microsoft now.

I suspect in a couple of weeks, at most some few months, we'll have being a 100% perfect replacement of ChatGPT, in addition to a drop in replacement of OpenAI's APIs. Once this happen we will immediately contact all of our clients and partners and let them know we're switching to Microsoft, unless they absolutely want to stay on board a sinking ship of course.

Microsoft arguably being the champions of B2B software development and cloud infrastructure, implies quality of services will probably only increase, and everybody will be happy. In fact, Ilya can at that point crawl back to his research laboratory, and no longer needs to deal with these pesky humans, something I suspect might be a blessing also for Ilya in the long run - Allowing him to follow his dream of researching cutting edge stuff, not having to worry about profitability or revenue.

Microsoft will probably keep Ilya around in OpenAI, together with 5 of his scientist friends, and subsidise his team to do some heavy research, that might pay of once more 20 years down the road - But 90% of the talent will slowly migrate to Microsoft, and Microsoft will basically have a unique opportunity to position themselves in the AI space the same way they positioned themselves in the personal computer space in the mid 1990s.

Until Microsoft is ready to release their own ChatGPT + API they will of course keep OpenAI alive. Having an in place replacement for OpenAI is now priority 1 at Microsoft, and they simply cannot afford to allow OpenAI to die before that time, since customers would start looking at Google and Musk's stuff if they did.

I suspect this will be the smoothest software development upgrade we have ever pulled off as a specie for these reasons!

So in the end, you as a customer and partner of AINIRO probably won't even notice this, besides we'll ask you politely to create an Azure/Microsoft ChatGPT API key some 2 months down the road, and painlessly do the switch for you, the same way Microsoft will do for us. OpenAI is dead, Microsoft is Alive! And with this simple move we've re-established sanity in the world, and the inmates are no longer running the asylum ...

Thank you Microsoft. And to the rest of the world, be nice to Ilya. A psychosis is a serious thing and results in a lot of pain for those inflicted - However, and I am sorry I have to say this out loud, but we simply cannot afford listening to Ilya or others with similar diagnosis anymore. We wish you well though ... 😔

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 20. Nov 2023

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