OpenAI just Snuffed Thousands of Braindead Companies

OpenAI just Snuffed Thousands of Braindead Companies

If you do a Google search for "ChatGPT with PDF" you will find 322 million hits from Google. The top results probably spent millions of money on SEO, product development, and ads. I'm not going to out anyone specifically here, but I assume you can do the search yourself.

3 days ago OpenAI destroyed all of these companies by adding "Upload PDF documents" to ChatGPT themselves.

I know I shouldn't celebrate, but I cannot avoid it. At AINIRO we've struggled with stupid "Get rich on ChatGPT scams" ever since it went viral in late 2022. By "get rich fast scams" I am referring to companies adding close to zero value on top of OpenAI's APIs, with some "marketing genius", capable of selling what is practically ZERO value, attracting millions in VC funding, strangling companies like ours in the process.

These companies have no value, and they shouldn't exist in the first place. And their very existance makes it harder for REAL companies (such as ours) to sustain our existance!

I remember back some 3 months ago, there was some marketing genius having created a YouTube video where he show cased ChatGPT with GHL. I suspect the guy probably spent no more than 3 hours of "software development" on his thing - Still I had to answer questions such as "can you do this" half a dozen times in meetings with potential clients referring to the guy's video. According to the guy himself he made more money in the first 3 days of his "company's" existance than we've made in total so far through our 5 months of existance! I have no doubt he was telling the truth.

After some time I got tired of saying simply no when people asked us if "we can do this", and my knee jerk reaction became as follows ...

No we can't, and we won't ever either, because it's a brain dead thing to do in the first place!

The sick forrest

When a forrest becomes sick it's not because of death, it's because of life. Some thing that shouldn't exists in the first place has taken hold of the forrest, strangling the habitat with its mere existance, by stealing the nutrients that should have been given to healthy trees.

Companies delivering close to zero value on top of ChatGPT are stealing "nutrients" from companies that are actually adding value on top of ChatGPT. From a biodiversity point of view, they're the equivalent of parasites, because their existance diverges precious resources from the eco-system that should have been given to the healthy parts of the habitat - The part that actually contributes to biodiversity in the eco-system and the parts that are actually healthy parts of the system.

From a biodiversity point of view, such companies are exhibiting parasitic behaviour, often destroying large parts of the biodiversity in the system before they're finally put to rest. With this latest move of adding PDF to ChatGPT, OpenAI effectively destroyed an entire branch of such parasites, resulting in a healthier eco-system, where companies such as ours can get to enjoy some sunlight, grow, prosper and thrive!

Bravo OpenAI, keep on pruning the forrest!

Our business model

When we deliver a chatbot we often spend dozens of hours configuring and tuning our product. We store historical data, with an easy to use search interface, resulting in quality business intelligence, and the ability to drill down into questions and answers, allowing our clients to gain valuable insight into what people are thinking about their services.

I could go on for hours listing up unique traits in our value proposition, such as for instance ...

  • Collecting leads
  • Automatically sign up users to newsletters
  • The ability to display images
  • Customisable themes
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Etc, etc, etc!
  • Imagine 1,000 more bullet points here, and yes, ChatGPT with PDF being one of them ...!!

Uploading PDF was for us never more than a feature. One of 1,000+ features we have. We couldn't care less if OpenAI builds this feature directly into the product themselves. If you came to us only because of our ability to deal with PDF documents, we'd probably advise you to not becoming a customer in a sales meeting.

However, probably the entire Google SERP above the fold of companies delivering only this feature are more "valuable" from a business perspective than us. Not because they provide actual value, but literally because they are "above the fold" on the SERP for the search phrase "ChatGPT with PDF". That fact is so braindead I'm not even sure how to relate to it. And that OpenAI snuffed 1,000 such companies with their feature is absuredly pleasing to me personally!

Keep on pruning the forrest for parasites OpenAI! GO FOR IT! 🥳

My message to the "ChatGPT with PDF" guys

And to the guys who created "ChatGPT with PDF" I've got one simple message; You made your money on your braindead feature. You tricked people into throwing money at you for a while, and such became a parasite in our eco-system based upon biodiversity and actual value. Now go home and let the grownups do the job! Because contrary to you guys, we're actually not a scam, we deliver actual value to our clients, and your existance is a personal insult to me!

R.I.P Schmucks! You're not getting much sympathy from me. Quite the contrary, I'm popping Champagne tonight to celebrate your death! 🥳

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 2. Nov 2023

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