The ChatGPT Boom is Over - FINALLY!

The ChatGPT Boom is Over - FINALLY!

The last 9 months we've seen a boom without historical precedence. I am of course talking about the ChatGPT and AI boom. The boom is over now, and it has officially been cancelled. Sorry, you're not going to get rich fast, without putting down some actual work - The world simply doesn't work that way ...

I have personally witnessed 10,000+ companies trying to make some fast cash on this boom, popping out of the woodwork like maggots at spring. Everybody thought they were going to get rich fast, delivering zero actual value, by creating some garbage tech on top of OpenAI's API and ChatGPT.

The party is over, and you can all go home

The Madness

I remember back in February, some guy integrating ChatGPT into GHL, using some basic prompt engineering, creating a system message claiming to have sold "his software" for $300,000 the first week alone. I am not shitting you: I could have created the same "system" with both my hands tied to my back, being forced to code with my nose, blindfolded in the dark, while attending a Dimmu Borgir concert - And I could have created it in 5 minutes! ZERO value!

People were still flocking to the dude as if he was some sort of modern AI Messiah, promising to deliver them from evil, resulting in a life of prosperity, where they could have everything they point their fingers at - Including a private jet, a harem of virgins, and a trillion dollar mansion in Paradise.

If I had a dollar for every "get rich fast with ChatGPT" schemes I've seen the last 9 months, I would be a billionaire today

"Where is the ChatGPT app?"

The above was the by far most popular question on Facebook the last 9 months. I would know, I'm participating in most of the ChatGPT Facebook groups myself. Every time some "get rich fast dude" asked the above question I had to sit on my hands to avoid answering.


A couple of time I tried answering the above, but it was impossible to use reason. Their limbic reward system based upon endorphines and dopamid had long since high jacked their brains, having flushed reason and logic down the toilet, as if it was the breakfast from yesterday.

Thousands of companies made small fortunes on this ignorance. I would know, at least 5 of my friends created "ChatGPT apps for iPhones and Androids" selling these for $20 per month, while OpenAI was desperately trying to give it away for free from their website.

You know the psychosis is real when they start selling Chai GPT from an Indian Tea House 😜

ChaiGPT the AI Tea House

At some point even OpenAI became so frustrated by this, they created their own app. At this point, 10,000+ Ukrainian outsourcing companies, desperately looking to capitalize on the boom, had already made mountains of cash on their users' ignorance. For the record, such "apps" can literally be created by a junior developer, in 11 minutes - And people PAID for it 😂

Even Mister Investor, The Schmuck, bought an app like this 😜

I tried to explain to him how it works, he just told me "It's not how it works" - He would know, because he's made billions of dollars selling cake and bread 😂

The boom is OVER

The boom is over. Like all booms, it can only exist for a finite amount of time, until people realize they will not buy a private jet unless they actually put down some work.

NOTHING pleases me more than the fact that the boom is over!

To understand why, realize that all of the above "get rich fast schemes" are making our lives difficult. We who actually try to create value on top of AI, solving real problems, trying to create real products, are "drowning" in the marketing noise of all the "get rich fast preachers" out there, trying to convince you to give them your money - Practically for nothing.

I have been working on AI since the mid 1990s, and all of a sudden I needed to explain why my stuff is better than a collection of prompts, bundled into a PDF, by a teenager with a degree in sales and marketing, from "The Ponzi School of How to Sell Rubbish to Idiots". This boom created so much trouble for me you cannot possibly imagine it!


If you are serious about AI, and you're willing to invest in it, realizing it can give you an ROI without historical precedence - You can contact us below. If you want to simply get rich fast, without putting down any work, please go away. We don't want to hear from you, because you're simply noise to us and the rest of the industry.

I've heard crypto is booming again though. Maybe go buy some BitCoin? 😁

  • Or contact us if you are serious about AI and Machine Learning 😉

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 20. Aug 2023

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