THE Low-Code ChatGPT Chatbot Platform

THE Low-Code ChatGPT Chatbot Platform

There are probably 10,000+ companies delivering ChatGPT chatbots. The hype after ChatGPT was released, created a gold rush, where everybody besides your grandma threw themselves into the game trying to capitalise on OpenAI by creating their own "ChatGPT Chatbot Company".

As it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell a chatbot without a differentiator, a lot of these companies are "combining hypes" by tapping into the Low-Code hype, building "no-code and low-code chatbot builders", in an attempt at trying to differentiate themselves from the rest.

There's just one problem, we've got 10 years head start 😁

We're THE Low-Code ChatGPT Chatbot provider

The platform we're using to deliver our chatbots was planned and designed 10 years ago. 5 years before OpenAI even existed. We did this anticipating the future, realising at some point we'd have access to AI, making sure we had everything else before that time.

Most other Low-Code ChatGPT chatbot providers started building their Low-Code stuff "yesterday", in panick, realising their money making machine isn't enough anymore. Now they're looking for ways to differentiate themselves, by adding "Low-Code Chatbot Builders" to their value proposition. However, we're "different" as you can see in the following video ...

Sorry guys, you simply can't compete, and it's a bit painful to watch 😂

A Low-Code Chatbot Use Case

Let's imagine a company with 5,000 support questions and answers in their existing ticket system. The company provides support 9 to 5, and they've got a database of all questions and answers. Now this company wants to provide an AI chatbot outside of office hours, based upon the existing database, providing AI chatbot answers to customers in need of help outside of working hours.

For the record, such a job would be at least our Professional plan, probably our Enterprise plan, so this wouldn't be a "€49 per month thing" - But if the company has 5,000 support requests and wants to provide customer support 24/7, the alternatives here are hiring 5 additional human beings, working around the clock answering questions.

The ROI for our chatbot would probably be 5 hours for this use case compared to hiring human support engineers

The way we'd solve it

We create a scheduled task that extracts all new questions and answers from their existing ticketing system at 5PM. Then we ingest this data into their custom machine learning model, and 5 minutes past 5PM that day, the chatbot can already leverage the domain knowledge from their human support engineers from that same day to answer questions during the night, according to how your human support technicians answered questions that same day.

For us this is a 5 hour job. For your "average Low-Code ChatGPT Chatbot provider" it's a 10 week job!

As the human support engineers comes to work 9AM the next day, the chatbot has answered 50 questions, where 5 required human help, and the chatbot automatically created 5 new tickets during the night for the support technician to start working with, associating these tickets with the users asking these questions.

Yet again, for us this would be a 5 hours job, allowing us to underbid everbody else in the industry by 5 orders of magnitudes, and still earn more profit on the job. So unless you want to start working for free, I suggest you find something else to spend your time on ...

One dollar for every FAILED ChatGPT Chatbot Company

Let me tell you a true story. We used to have an investor. I consistently refer to him on this site as "Mr. Investor". I owned 50% of the shares. Immediately once we started making money "Mr. Investor" decided he wanted to steal the company from us, and refused to pay for expenses, salaries, etc. At this point he ...

  • Was a billionair
  • Owned 50% of the shares
  • Was the CFO and responsible for all finances in the company
  • Had 15,000 employees in other companies
  • Owned large parts of roughly one dozen other software development companies
  • He even owned the IP for what we're currently using to deliver our ChatGPT Chatbot

... yet still, he couldn't compete with us. He tried, he hired 22 developers from some city in Ukraine, in addition to 5 developers in Kyiv. Plus he had a handful of marketing experts and project coordinators. He hired a couple of additional software developers from other countries, some of whom were already "experts" in Magic, with 20+ years of software development experience - And he couldn't compete with us. We're more worth than all of these 5 different companies he's been trying to setup the last 3 to 4 months are combined. And we've got "a bajillion features" that they don't have, in addition to that we've got more website traffic, and more sales.

We did that in 3 months 🥳

When he gave me €100 for my 50% of the shares in a company that was arguably worth 20 million EUROs at that point, I took the money and told him: "This is the worst deal you've ever done in your life, and these shares aren't even worth €100 - But I'll take your money" 😅

He tried to steal our company, and the end result was that he spent an additional 150,000 EUROs, getting zero return, while we ended up with everything of value. I could explain why, but quite frankly, you wouldn't believe me if I did - So it's futile ...

Everybody has a ChatGPT Chatbot

It seems like everybody besides your grandma has created a ChatGPT Chatbot company today. We've tried to simplify it too, to the point where you can white label our entire platform, and arguably setup a chatbot company with some 25 lines of JavaScript and HTML code. If you're good at marketing, and want to capitalise on the gold rush, I suspect this is a 10x ROI for your company compared to building your own stuff ...

In fact, I've got 5 entrepreneur friends having setup their own "ChatGPT Chatbot Company" since December of 2023. However, these entrepreneurs are doing it from scratch, because they want to "own the IP". This is such a ridiculous strategy I'm not even sure how to even counter argue. It's just like the thin OpenAI iPhone and Android apps in the AppStore that used to exist some 3 months ago, until OpenAI created their own apps - It won't last, and it's arguably already too late. Sure, you can throw 10,000 dollars on Google Ads, and maybe get 15,000 back, after having spent two months desperately trying to create "an AI chatbot company from scratch" - But it's already too late unless you joined the game when we did. It's much smarter to send us an email ...

If you can't beat them, join them, right?

Our list of features

We used to list all of our features on our ChatGPT chatbot page. It became 15 pages of scrolling, so we just had to remove it. It was simply too much. However, I could give you ONE of those features, and it would alone eliminate 99.99% of our competitors. Click the link below to see it in action.

Then add the "11 bajillion additional features we've got", and realise you're fighting a battle you can never win! Save yourself the trouble, and contact us. Either you're our partner, or your our competitor.

And if you compete with us, you're TOAST! 😁

... maybe not today, but very soon!

Much smarter to ask our chatbot How do I contact AINIRO?

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS and the CEO of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 8. Aug 2023

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