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Using your ChatGPT chatbot for complex customer support

Reduce Costs by 80%

Is your customer service department stuck in the stone age? Are your customers spending half their day listening to your phone music? Are you losing customers because you don't have the resources to help them when they're stuck?

We can increase quality of your customer service by 14%. One study conducted by IBM and Accenture saw a drop in costs by 30% by leveraging AI chatbots as first level support. This study was before ChatGPT was released. Our numbers today are closer to 80% reduction.

We have unique experience in delivering ChatGPT-based customer support chatbots, for highly complex problems, such as software development platforms and trading platforms. In addition an AINIRO chatbot can display images, allowing you to show screenshots and images and such guide the user forward.

Contact us today to have us help you with your customer service, or try our ChatGPT website chatbot in the bottom/right corner of this page to understand the value proposition.

An Image says more than 1,000 words

We've got unique technology that allows our chatbot to answer using images. For highly complex customer queries this can significantly improve the Customer eXperience. Imagine a chatbot that shows your users where to click, where to go, or screenshots illustrating solutions to technical problems. Well, you don't have to imagine. We've got it!

50% of clients expects a business to be available 24/7, and 69% of customers prefers talking to a chatbot because it answers immediately. Can you afford staffing your customer service department 24/7, with a response time of less than 30 seconds?

Everything we have on research in this area for the last 5 years concludes with that by combining AI with your existing customer service department significantly improves CX (Customer eXperience), while also reducing costs, and results in happier customers.

Chatbot answering highly complex customer support question
Chatbot tells user how to change license

ChatGPT as First Level Support

80% of questions customers have are questions asked by other customers previously. By using ChatGPT for first level customer support, your customer support agents are free to spend their valuable time on more important tasks, and more complex problems.

We can take your existing database of questions and answers and create a 100% self serving chatbot, allowing ChatGPT to answer these mundane questions for customers in need of help, while you keep your existing customer service department as 2nd level support.

We can also integrate our chatbot technology with your existing support system, using its API to import data on a schedule. This allows the chatbot to "evolve" over time, and acquire new knowledge, as your knowledge base increases over time.

This allows the chatbot to function in a symbiotic relationship with your existing support staff, where the chatbot helps your staff, and your customer support staff helps the chatbot.

Facts about AI and Customer Service

These figures are from a scientific study conducted by: CNBC, Cognizant, VentureBeat, Forbes, IBM and AccentureDigital


More than 50% of customers expects your business to be available 24/7


69% of customers prefers a chatbot because it gives them instant answers


A website chatbot can help companies reduce their customer support costs by 30%

Spotware Systems chose AINIRO

Spotware System's is one of the largest Forex trading platforms in the world with more than 200 employees in a handful of countries, serving millions of page requests every single month. When Spotware wanted to automate their customer support services, AINIRO was the obvious choice.

Research have shown that with such systems an employee having worked in your customer service department for only 2 months can outperform a senior support agent having worked for more than 6 months in the same department. This makes you less dependent upon individual employees, allowing you to better manage your resources, resulting in a more agile organisation.

Screenshot of AINIRO's ChatGPT Chatbot on Spotware System's cTrader

What they say about us

Chatbot remembers name and provides personalized experience

Personalized Experience

As far as we know we've got the only chatbot based upon ChatGPT that allows us to address your users by name, providing a 100% perfectly personalized experience. This is one side effect of our data collect feature, provided through our questionnaires.

Combined with our 100% perfect conversation feature, this provides a fluent experience where the chatbot truly feels like a human being. Almost 20% of our users will say "Thank you" to our chatbot when they're done chatting with it, illustrating how they feel so grateful for its answers, provided in a 100% fluent conversation, that they're not even able to separate it from a human being.

This is of course by design, since we wanted to create a chatbot that truly engages the user, providing a personalized experience, increasing the feeling of quality. We can even ask for the user's email address, and additional information, which provides a 100% unique chatting experience for each individual user. Contact us below if you want us to help you automate your customer service department.

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