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Use ChatGPT for Digital Marketing

ChatGPT can automate a lot of tasks related to Digital Marketing. You can use ChatGPT to generate content, you can use ChatGPT for SMO or Social Media Optimising, you can use ChatGPT to automatically collect leads, and dozens of additional use cases.

At AINIRO we specialize in how to leverage ChatGPT for Digital Marketing, something you can clearly see by simply browsing our site - And we would love to help your digital marketing agency to embrace the future. Contact us today such that we can help your digital marketing efforts, or try our ChatGPT website chatbot in the bottom/right corner of this page to understand the value proposition.

ChatGPT Website Chatbots for Marketing

69% of users prefers talking to a chatbot because a chatbot gives them an instant reply. A chatbot never sleeps, never asks you for a raise, and never leaves for vacation. A ChatGPT based website chatbot works 24/7, allowing you to collect leads and generate sales in your sleep.

We can configure our chatbots to do almost anything you wish. Our chatbot is configured as a sales executive. Try asking it what's the best website chatbot, and see its response.

50% of your customers expects your company to answer questions immediately according to a recent study. Unless you want to hire an army of employees, you have to think outside of the box. Thinking outside of the box is literally what we do. Contact us today to leave your own box behind, and embrace the obvious future of Digital Marketing.

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Screenshot of using AINIRO's ChatGPT AI chatbot solution for customer service

Have ChatGPT Market you on WhatsApp

As a digital marketer you know you need to meet clients where your clients are. In addition to delivering ChatGPT website chatbots, we can also configure ChatGPT to work on WhatsApp. This allows you to have ChatGPT communicate with your customers and leads over WhatsApp, and have our systems automatically collect their email address and contact information.

Such chatbots are based upon your own data, allowing us to for instance scrape your website, upload PDF documents, XML documents, or whatever data you have - Ending up with an AI based WhatsApp chatbot with the same quality responses that ChatGPT has - Except it knows everything about your company.

We can also integrate with your favourite workflow system, CRM system, or whatever existing systems you've got from before.

White label our ChatGPT Solutions

The image to the right was the day we put our create your own ChatGPT website chatbot form on our landing page. Unless you've been living under a rock the last 25 years, the image should raise your eyebrows.

We have a ChatGPT white label solution for your digital marketing company, allowing you to deliver our product as if it was your own. This allows you to use ChatGPT to collect leade for your digital marketing agency, and upsell whatever additional services you want to sell.

This comes with complete training, second level support, hosting, development, marketing material, and everything. In fact, it's almost like a franchise, where you start out with a completely finished pre-created company. It's a zero cost up front solution, and is based upon revenue share. Contact us to get started.

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Screenshot of using AINIRO's ChatGPT AI chatbot solution for customer service


If you're a serious digital marketer, you already know that data is everything. No data, no marketing! Our ChatGPT chatbot allows you to harvest data from your visitors at an unprecedented level! We can deliver ChatGPT chatbots that collects data from your users, while providing a personal and individual experience, implying the chatbot creates a relationship with the lead before a human being is involved in any ways with the lead.

This allows you to use our ChatGPT chatbot to collect data with super high quality, while almost completely automating your sales.

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