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Use your ChatGPT chatbot to sell in your E-Commerce by having it display product images

Increase Sales by 400%

When Club de Mode implemented our chatbot on their Shopify website they saw an increase in sales of 400%. By the end of 2024 consumers will spend 142 billion dollars annually through chatbots. This is the largest movement of purchasing power we've seen since the birth of the internet. An AINIRO chatbot can integrate with your E-Commerce system, automatically retrieving available products as your stock changes. We can even automatically collect leads and push new leads to your CRM system, or automatically sign up new users to your marketing newsletter, etc.

We also know that when selling products online, showing one product image doubles conversion, and showing two product images doubles it again. In theory this implies that an AI chatbot that can display product images can sell up to 16x as much product as a chatbot without support for images. Our chatbot can also be configured to address the user by his or her name, further increasing conversions for obvious reasons.

Studies shows that an average AI chatbot can increase sales by at least 67%, our figures seems to be much higher. The same studies also tells us consumers prefers talking to an AI chatbot because of instant answers. We can help you get a ChatGPT website chatbot on your page.

Integrate ChatGPT with Shopify

We can integrate our ChatGPT chatbot technology with your Shopify account, such that it automatically extracts products, stock, and inventory from your Shopify account. This creates an unmatched shopping experience through our chatbots, only displaying products that are available. We can even warn users to buy before you're out of stock. This results in a ChatGPT chatbot that works with live data, using the Shopify API as its data source for products and stock.

We can also integrate with other E-Commerce vendors such as WooCommerce, in addition to collecting leads and push these directly to your CRM system of choice. This creates a live shopping experience for your users, where the chatbot works as a sales assistant 24/7, doing its best to sell product at any opportunity it is given. Notice how the chatbot even addresses me by my name when interacted with.

Combined with our AI Search solution, this creates a completely unique experience for your website visitors where they can use natural language to interact with your E-Commerce website.

Integrate your ChatGPT chatbot with Shopify
Use ChatGPT to collect leads

Use ChatGPT to Collect Leads

Do me a favour if you haven't already tried our chatbot. Click the chatbot button in the bottom right corner of this page. Notice how it asks you for your name and email? Once you've supplied your name and email, you've been automatically signed up to our marketing newsletter.

When we installed this feature on our own chatbot we increased lead generation by 700%. This allows you to completely automate large parts of your lead generation pipeline, becoming the start of you sales funnel.

We can configure your ChatGPT chatbot to collect whatever user data you wish, including phone number, age, sex, address, etc. In addition we can ingest the data collected this way into the chatbot conversation, creating a personalized experience, where the chatbot even remembers your users names.

Studies shows that a sales executive that's addressing customers by name increases sales by somewhere between 300 and 500 percent. This is obvious since we're vanity creatures, and we like to hear our names. As far as we know, we're the only ChatGPT chatbot provider that can configure your chatbot to use names in its conversations with your website visitors.

  • Contact us and ask us about our lead generation feature.

Research about chatbots

The following data was gathered by: CNBC, Cognizant, VentureBeat, Forbes, IBM and AccentureDigital


69% of customers prefers a chatbot because it gives them instant answers


A website chatbot increases sales by 67% on average

142 billion dollars

Before the end of 2024 consumer retail spending through chatbots will have reached 142 billion dollars

#1 ChatGPT Chatbot for E-Commerce

We apologise if this sounds like bragging, but the proof is in the numbers. We've got 8.9 million downloads of our AI platform, it's trusted by Microsoft, and our products's code is currently backed up in the Arctic Code Vault for security reasons. In case an asteroid hits the Earth, our chatbot technology will survive. Read more about AINIRO's ChatGPT technology here.

This results in an extreme quality where your chatbot's code is scrutinized by millions of people, every single day, resulting in an unmatched value proposition, creating a completely unique ChatGPT chatbot experience for your users. Contact us today for a quote.

Increase sales by 67% and reduce costs by 80%

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