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Sell 400% More

Club de Mode saw a 400% increase in sales on their Shopify website after implementing their AINIRO chatbot

Collect Leads

An AINIRO chatbot collects data such as name and email from its users, significantly increasing lead conversions

Cut Costs 80%

An AINIRO chatbot can automate up to 80% of customer support questions, significantly reducing your costs

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Integrating a ChatGPT Chatbot with your Shopify E-Commerce website

The #1 Custom ChatGPT Chatbot

Our ChatGPT chatbot allows you to scrape your website, and embed an AI chatbot on your website, resulting in a ChatGPT chatbot you can use for Customer Service, E-Commerce, Generating Leads, etc.

An AINIRO chatbot can display images, search the web, integrate with your database, CRM system, and even collect user data such as name and email. It can even funnel users to specific web pages serving as a natural language search interface, helping you sell more, reduce costs, and increase engagement. Our chatbot has been proven to sell 400% more product for E-Commerce Shopify websites.

The chatbot you have created is leaps and bounds ahead of other tools I have engaged with!
Chris Wiggins, Director of Training, Resolve Systems


We have a lot of experience using ChatGPT for E-Commerce. By configuring our chatbots to use emotional language, and combining this with semantic AI search, we can help you convert a lot more of your website visitors, and sell 400% more product. Our chatbots can display images, collect emails, and even automatically funnel users into shopping carts.

Customer Service

Using ChatGPT for Customer Service is an obvious win. Our chatbots can answer 80% of all customer questions, while transitioning the rest to a human support agent. IBM's study shows us that 69% of your users prefers an AI chatbot because it gives them instant answers. This allows you to provide customer service 24/7 for probably less than what you spend on coffee each month. Contact us today to start the talk.

Lead Generation

Every single day you're losing hundreds of chances to sell unless you can somehow have website visitors leave you their contact information. Our chatbot can be configured to collect name, email, phone number, or anything. This allows you to painlessly have a chatbot that generates leads for you 100% automatically 24/7. Once contact information is gathered, you can send this to your CRM system.

This is absolute genius, I haven't seen anything like it before
Anthony Redmond, CEO GlobeShip

Trusted by

Trusted by Care2Me
Trusted by cTrader and SpotWare
Trusted by New Options Sports
Trusted by Knotts Family Agency
Trusted by Resolve.IO
Trusted by Club de Mode

... and many more!

AI Website Search - 2 products in 1

We have unique technology that allows you to implement "Bing Search" on your own website. Our AI website search technology will only show search results from your website, increasing engagement, allowing users to more rapidly find what they are looking for.

Our technology is built upon the same technology as Bing / ChatGPT Search and allows your users to phrase natural questions such as "I need a coffee cup with an image of Einstein", and our technology will find the pages that most accurately answers that question.

This is a free bonus product you get if you sign up for our ChatGPT chatbot. You can try our search interface in the top/right corner of this page to see how it works.

AI Website Search - Get two products for the price of one
It is a perfect replacement for unwieldy documentation solutions
Shukhrat Khannanov, Customer Support Lead at Spotware Systems

A Mature AI Platform

AINIRO have more than a decade of AI experience and is downloaded 8.9 million times

Trusted by Microsoft

When our CTO wrote an article about the AI programming language that powers our backend, it became the 5th most read article Microsoft ever published. The open source platform that powers our ChatGPT chatbots have been downloaded 8.9 million times in total from Microsoft's NuGet repository. Our platform is backed up at GitHub's Arctic Code Vault, implying it will even survice an asteroid impact.

Millions of Fans

The core platform AINIRO is built on top of, have generated 2 million readers at DZone, 300,000 readers at DEV, in addition to a 'bajillion' readers at Microsoft's website. Even O'Reilley Media sent out a newsletter about our technology several years ago to tip its readers about our unique platform. When millions of people have scrutinized our code, the code matures and becomes better.

10 Years of Experience

The programming language that facilitates for what we do was invented by our CTO in 2013, and the platform itself was started in 2019 - Years before OpenAI published ChatGPT. This gives us unique experience related to AI and Machine Learning that few if any others can match. You can find our Open Source platform here.

AINIRO's responsiveness and attention to our AI project was second to none
Marc Trimble, New Options Sports

A Team you can Trust

In addition to our leadership team, we've got partners all over the world: US, UK, Thailand, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, France, India, Pakistan, and UAE, plus many more.

Aria Natali Aurora Nygård

Aria Natali Aurora Nygård our COO and machine learning expert

Aria is our COO and Machine Learning Expert. Aria takes care of all practical things, in addition to that she can bend ChatGPT and other AI systems to her will in ways that are impossible to believe in before you've seen it. Send Aria an email.

Tage Leander Hansen

Tage Leander Hansen our CEO and partners manager

Tage is our CEO and partners manager. If you've ever had a meeting with us, it's highly likely that you've seen Tage already. He ensures everybody gets high quality service, and that everybody is happy with our service. Send Tage an email.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen our CTO and developer

Thomas is our CTO. Almost every single line of code in our platform was created by Thomas. In addition he takes care of our backend infrastructure, allowing us to serve our product with high quality. Send Thomas an email.

AINIRO's ChatGPT Website Chatbot increased sales by up to 400% on a Shopify Website

Case Studies

Below are some case studies for our ChatGPT chatbot, and what effect it gave our clients.

We tried many different chatbots but AINIRO's was decades ahead of everybody else
Andrew Mreana, CGO SpotWare


Our Customers Loves Us

Spotware Systems

As a technology provider, Spotware has an almost overwhelming amount of B2C documentation. It is very impressive how AINIRO's product is able to generate accurate context across hundreds if not thousands of pages of tutorials and guides. It is a perfect replacement for unwieldy documentation solutions while being incredibly easy to integrate with! We also appreciate how AINIRO is committed to delivering top-notch customer service.

Shukhrat Khannanov

New Options Sports

AINIRO's responsiveness and attention to our AI project was second to none. What we thought may take months, was delivered in 3 weeks. Our T2M was cut by 9 weeks, and we were able to begin user testing, get feedback and improve. If you enjoy working with responsive, competent people, look no further. We've since added another BU to their roster. They're the type of partners we want to work with.

Marc Trimble

Club de Mode

It is so impressive to take a generic unrelated question and then associate that back to the business in a marketing manner. This is absolute genius! I have played with lots of different chatbots before and have never seen anyone that has this capability. Not even close! Very impressive on many levels.

Anothony Redmond

Integrate ChatGPT with Shopify

Club de Mode is a luxury E-Commerce company in Canada based upon Shopify. They came to us because they wanted to increase sales conversions by making their site more engaging. We integrated our chatbot with their API, allowing us to use semantic data, which increased the chatbot's quality 10x.

This allows us to display almost real time information about products, stock, and quantity, by importing products from their Shopify API once per day. In addition we're able to display product images, which we know increases conversions by possibly as much as 16x.

Since the chatbot is configured to act as a sales executive, it will address users by names, and even warn the user if a product only have some few items left in stock. Read more about how we helped Club de Mode leverage ChatGPT and AI in their Shopify website below.

How Club de Mode integrated ChatGPT into their Shopify E-Commerce Website
Our sales have increased 400% because of the chatbot, we recommend you to all
Polynne, Club de Mode

Find your plan and get started today

Prices are per month.
One model is one unique chatbot with data.
If you pay yearly up front you get 30% discount.
We can also provide 100% customised solutions, if interested contact us for a quote


€49 per month An icon of a suitcase illustrating our basic ChatGPT solution
  • 1 model
  • 500 questions per month
  • 100 pages
  • OpenAI API key not required
  • Private cloudlet is not included
  • No integrations
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Additional taxes or VAT might apply

For businesses that don't need any customisation



€198 per month An icon of a house with a suitcase illustrating our professional ChatGPT solution
  • 2 models
  • 15,000 questions per month
  • 500 pages
  • OpenAI API key required
  • Private cloudlet included
  • E-Com and CRM integrations
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Additional taxes or VAT might apply

For businesses that need some customization



€498 per month An image of a sky scraper illustrating our enterprise ChatGPT solutions
  • 5 models
  • 25,000 questions per month
  • 2,500 pages
  • OpenAI API key required
  • Private cloudlet included
  • E-Com, CRM and Twilio integrations
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Additional taxes or VAT might apply

For businesses that needs a lot of customization

How Magic and Low-Code facilitates for our ChatGPT Chatbot

Low-Code and No-Code AI

Our platform AINIRO Magic Cloud is a complete Low-Code and No-Code software development automation platform. This allows you to modify it as you see fit. We've got partners integrating their chatbots with their SQL database systems, and we've got partners using our platform's API to create completely unique frontends.

Having spent more than $1,000,000 on developing our platform for more than 10 years, you can make it do almost anything you wish. Need a CRUD API wrapping your database? We've got you! Click one button and 5 seconds later Magic Cloud has automatically generated a secure Web API wrapping your entire database. Need to visually design your database? We've got you! SQL Studio allows you to model your database without any prior SQL knowledge.

We have seen a 30% decrease in support tickets since we implemented the chatbot
John Gorham, VP of Software Development at Resolve Systems

Latest articles

Below you can find some of our latest articles and new about AI, ChatGPT, and the AINIRO platform.
Notice you can also use the AI search button in the top/right corner to search for articles.

Your Superman Sales Executive GPT

Your Superman Sales Executive GPT

We've created a Superman Sales Executive GPT that allows you to create and send personalised emails at the speed of light.

Using English as a Programming Language

Using English as a Programming Language

The last week we've created 3 additional GitHub repositories, for 3 new plugins, and 90% of 'the code' was in fact plain English.

Unveiling the Future of Digital Interactions: AI Search vs. Chatbots

Unveiling the Future of Digital Interactions: AI Search vs. Chatbots

Explore the dynamic interplay between AI-powered website search and chatbots in our latest article. Delve into how these two AI-driven technologies revolutionize UX.

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