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Screenshot of our backend generator allowing you to generate Low-Code apps wrapping your database automatically

Backend Generator

Magic's Endpoint Generator allows you to generate CRUD endpoints in seconds, wrapping your database of choice. It can automatically create thousands of lines of code in some few seconds, automating large parts of the tasks related to creating functioning web applications.

It reads meta data from your database, and can be configured to automatically add authentication, apply left joins, and automatically determines the correct primary keys to us.

The endpoint generator can in theory make you 234 million times faster churning our software, while delivering superior quality and security.

SQL Studio

SQL Studio allows you to visually design your database, in addition to accessing your database from anywhere. Combined with the backend generator, SQL Studio allows you to create working web APIs without any prior knowledge about SQL or programming.

SQL Studio follows all industry standards and supports most major database systems, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and SQLite.

Visually design your database with SQL Studio, for then to generate a web API using the backend generator, at which point 50% of your work is done - And all you need to worry about is the frontend.

Screenshot of SQL Studio allowing you to visually design your database
Screenshot of Hyper IDE while displaying autocomplete on a Hyperlambda file

Hyper IDE

Hyper IDE is a web-based IDE allowing you to rapidly edit the code generated by the endpoint generator, and features syntax highlighting and autocomplete of Hyperlambda code.

Hyper IDE also includes AI and Machine Learning allowing you to create and understand code using natural language, reducing the cognitive requirements to create code by several orders of magnitudes.

The combination of the endpoint generator, SQL Studio, and Hyper IDE, makes it 100 times easier to create working backend software, allowing you to focus exclusively on the frontend.

Research about Low-Code

The following is based upon research about Low-Code conducted by Gartner

90% Cost Savings

You can save 90% of software development costs by using Low-Code

69 billion dollars

By the end of 2024, the Low-Code market cap will be 69 billion dollars

Improved Quality

Low-Code produces improves quality and security in the end result

Machine Learning and Low-Code

Machine Learning and AI is horizontally integrated into Magic Cloud, allowing you to use Machine Learning to generate and document code. The combination of Low-Code software development automation and Machine Learning makes Magic a unique software development automation platform.

With Magic you can document code using LLM and GPT processes, to create natural language, easily explaining what some snippet of code does - Eliminating the barrier to learning Hyperlambda or understanding what your backend code does.

Magic Cloud is the reason why we can confidently create such as amazing AI technology as we do, such as our ChatGPT-based website chatbots, AI Website Search, and AI Expert Systems.

Magic Cloud is 100% Open Source and you can find its documentation here. When you sign up for our services using one of our cloudlet subscriptions, you get a fully functioning Magic Cloud cloudlet allowing you to use all features from Magic Cloud in your cloudlet.

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