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Start your own ChatGPT Company

Do you want to start your own ChatGPT-based Website Chatbot Company? That's a 5 minute job with our platform. Our platform allows you to create your own Website Chatbot product by white label our technology, allowing you to start selling website chatbots - And the whole process can be done in some few minutes.

We've got a small script you can include on your website, that allows your company to start selling chatbots based upon ChatGPT. This can be an extra source of income for your company, and provide you with monthly recurring revenue. Read more about our ChatGPT White Label here.

Franchise our ChatGPT tech

We've got a unique ChatGPT Website Chatbot. However, Rome was not built by one company alone. This is why we're allowing others to "franchise" or technology, completely white label everything we've got, and start selling it for themselves. And the only thing we'll ask of you, is to share your revenue with us.

In return for that, we will provide free training, second level support - While you own the client, and can upsell your existing services to any clients registering for a free 7-day trial demo chatbot. Our statistics so far, shows a 500% Increase in Leads and website traffic.

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Let's become Partners

The way it works is that we give your employees free training on how to setup and administrate our technology. Then you get a small JavaScript file and some HTML code that you need to embed on your website. Once you're done, you've got your own ChatGPT website chatbot company, allowing your users to purchase ChatGPT website chatbots in 5 minutes from you.

Every time a user creates a website chatbot, you get the user's email address, name, and website, and can start selling products to the user. Every time you sell a chatbot, you have to share that revenue with us - But whatever other products you sell is your business. Contact us today and let's become partners.


Below are some of the advantages you could have by adding ChatGPT website chatbots to your portfolio

An Easy Upsell

Research shows that it's 20x easier to sell new products to existing customers than to sell new products to new customers

Generate Leads

ChatGPT is a flaming hot product. This allows you to leverage our tech to create new leads for your existing business

Recurring Revenue

Our products have a monthly subscription, giving your company recurring revenue, resulting in a product based income

Try it out

To understand how the process works, create your own ChatGPT website chatbot, and follow the process. Then realise that once you get your chatbot on email, we also get the same email, and we can follow you up as a hot lead.

The email you get can be completely customised, and the HTML and JavaScript code required to create chatbots in your own cloudlet/server can also be easily customised. This allows you to completely "hide AINIRO", resulting in that from the customer's perspective, it's like you delivered them the chatbot.

Contact us today if you want to franchise and white label our product.

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