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AI Website Search

AI Website Search is similar to Google or Bing, except it will only return pages from your website. It allows users to find what they're looking for by using natural language instead of keywords, and will match pages in your website accordingly.

It is built upon the same technology as ChatGPT, and internally we're using OpenAI's APIs, which implies it was trained on large parts of the internet, but it will only display search results from your site.

You can try it in the top/right corner of this page. Try typing natural language for something you're looking for, and watch how accurately it responds and how fast it responds.

Based upon your content

Our AI Search solution works similarly to our ChatGPT website chatbot, allowing you to crawl and scrape your website for URLs, which the system later will match towards search queries, returning results as users are searching for content on your website.

This results in AI-based search returning superior results, understanding the user's intentions and requests semantically due to our machine learning technology.

If the search query doesn't yield any results, our solution will use fuzzy algorithms to return the closest match, allowing the user to search for "Einstein coffee mug" and have the system return "Niels Bohr wine glass" if it doesn't find anything matching the query.

Screenshot of scraping process for both AI Website Search, ChatGPT Website Chatbots and AI Expert Systems
Configuring your Machine Learning model

Your own Google

Imagine having your own private Google Search engine? How much easier would it be to navigate your site? This is what our AI Website Search solution gives you. It provides your site with a much easier navigation, which for an E-Commerce website, or a documentation website, might increase usability by 10x.

Our AI Website Search solution can be configured exactly as you want, and it can also be combined with our ChatGPT website chatbot solution. This brings your website into the 3rd millennium, and makes you ready for the future.

Don't get left behind, contact us today for quote, or setup your own AI Website Search DIY style in 5 minutes.

Use cases

Below are some few example use cases for AI Website Search, there are of course many more, but this should get you started


If you've got an E-Commerce website, you might have hundreds of different products you're selling. How will your visitors find what they're looking for? AI Website Search will match their queries in seconds. In addition, it will also return relevant products if configured correctly. Read more about our ChatGPT for E-Commerce solutions.


Maybe your product is complex and requires hundreds of pages with documentation. How are your users navigating your documentation? Using the "navbar monster"? With our AI Website Search they can phrase their questions with natural language and instantly have a result matching their query.


If you've got a lot of pages on your website, navigating your site to find relevant information becomes difficult. Our AI Website Search can run through thousands of pages in seconds and return exactly what the user is looking for. AI Search is simply superior to keyword search, since it understands the user's "intentions".

Unique Technology

Most others would charge you €49 per month for AI Website Search alone. We're giving you 3 solutions for the price of one. You get AI Website Search, you get a ChatGPT-based website chatbot, and you get an AI Expert Systems in the same package.

In addition AINIRO is a complete machine learning and AI platform, and the features we've got that results in superior quality is simply staggering. You can configure how tolerant you want our AI search algorithm to be as it searches for matches, you can theme it, we've got an API you can consume yourself if you want to build your own frontend logic on top of our backend, etc.

In combination with our AI Expert System you can even use AI search to search through PDF documents, and combining search results from multiple different websites, and/or pages. All in all this results in superior quality for you, more features, more customisation options, combined with that we provide (almost) 24/7 support and help if you're stuck with something.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you, or use our DIY version if you prefer to setup things for yourself.

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