ChatGPT with Real Time Information

ChatGPT with Real Time Information

Do me a favour, go ask ChatGPT what date it is, then ask our chatbot "What's the date today?" - Notice the difference? This is because we've just implemented support for having our ChatGPT AI chatbots access real time information.

Today's date of course is probably something you already knew, and most people don't need a trillion dollar AI to figure out the date - But it goes much deeper. We've basically given ChatGPT the ability to act on real time information. Before I start listing potential use cases let's just enjoy this image for a moment though 😊

ChatGPT with Real Time Information

Use cases for this might be for instance;

  • "What's the stock price of Microsoft today?"
  • "Summarise today's news from CNN"
  • "How many people registered in our CRM today?"
  • And many more ...

Integrate ChatGPT with your existing software

In addition this can be integrated with your existing software systems. Whatever system's you've got, as long as it's got a database, and/or an API we can access somehow, we can inject information from your existing software system into the stream we're sending to OpenAI. Below is an example from our own chatbot backend.

Another example of ChatGPT with Real Time Information

You can reproduce the above yourself by asking our chatbot;

How many questions have you answered lately?

The way it works, is that we can embed Hyperlambda code into your training snippets, that ends up dynamically substituting parts of your context by executing the Hyperlambda code, returning dynamic content, that's injected into the stream of text sent to OpenAI before we ask it to answer whatever question is being phrased. Below is a screenshot of how we're able to give you the number of questions our chatbot has been asked the last 14 days.

How we get ChatGPT to access real time information

The parts inside the "{{}}" brackets of course is Hyperlambda code, that opens a database connection to our history table, and does a simple count of items. This Hyperlambda code is executed before we send the information to OpenAI, so the only thing OpenAI sees is;

The last 14 days I have answered 711 questions from happy users.

Then ChatGPT is using the above as its data foundation or "context" to answer whatever question the user have.

Wrapping up

Notice, depending upon the complexity of the data you want to inject, this is highly probably a custom job, and not included in the $300 per month subscription, since if we're to integrate your chatbot to your systems, we need to dedicate a software developer to manually write Hyperlambda code, doing the actual integration. This is a highly time consuming job, and also an expensive job for us.

However, we will be providing some "standard out of the box" questions in the future, such as stock ticker values, date and time, etc. If you want something custom though, that's a custom job with a custom price.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 2. Jul 2023