Creating an AGI Assistant in 22 minutes

Creating an AGI Assistant in 22 minutes

There are 2 primary camps related to the question of AGI. There are the transhumanists, who believe ChatGPT5 will somehow magically descend from the sky, end suffering, and make everybody live forever. Then there are the sceptics who argues that LLMs are hallucinating, and therefore simply worthless, and will never provide any real value to society.

Your best bet is to simply ignore both of these camps, since they're either delusional or in denial, and continue using ChatGPT to save mountains of time, having it help you with your tasks, saving mountains of time every day.

However, the keyword in the above paragraph are the words "help you with your tasks". Of all the AI chatbots I have seen out there, we're as far as I know the only one that can actually deliver an AI chatbot that does something. This is because we can create an AI chatbot that semantically stores and retrieves data, invokes APIs, send emails, scrapes websites, or searches the web.

These capabilities fundamentally changes the usefulness of your AI chatbot, to where it's no longer an AI chatbot, but in fact an AI assistant. To sum it up in a single sentence would require something such as follows.

ChatGPT tells you what to do. With AINIRO you get to tell ChatGPT what to do

The relationship becomes completely reversed, and instead of simply passively producing text, the AI can now actually reach out into the world, and execute tasks. Watch the following video where I am demonstrating the difference.

Is it AGI?

My answer to the above question is that it's the wrong question. It's a 5 orders of magnitude more useful AI chatbot than whatever you've seen before, since it allows it to autonomously do things. ChatGPT is super amazing, but it can't read records from your CRM system, it can't send emails, it can't book meetings - In fact, it can't do anything except producing long walls of text. The "doing part" is left to you.

If you combine ChatGPT with AINIRO, you get an AI chatbot that can actually do something. This reverses the relationship you've got with ChatGPT, where you tell it what to do, instead of the other way around. This also completely replaces everything you've seen related to AI assistants before, such as for instance.

You can try one such feature by clicking the button below to understand it in 5 seconds.

Even such a simple thing such as the above produced the weather in Paris for me as I tried asking ChatGPT. Our AI chatbot will initiate an "AI workflow" as you ask it, which includes asking for more data from the user, specifically asking you "What city or country do you want to check the weather for?" You can see the AI workflow unfold below.

Asking our AI chatbot about the weather

What can it do?

Yet again, wrong question. As a general rule of thumb, it can do whatever you want it to do. If you need an AI chatbot to send emails to candidates in your HR company, we can do that. If you want an AI chatbot to compare two different products before making a purchase, we can do that. If you want an AI chatbot connected to your CRM that helps you organise your contacts and accounts, we can deliver that.

In theory we could even deliver an AI chatbot that washes your clothes and cleans your dishes

Notice, the above is of course an extreme example, and obviously requires you having a dish washer and a washing machine with an API of some sort, which I have never seen before. However, if you have a smart fridge, with a camera, you could ask it what's in your fridge, for then to ask it to order groceries for you.

What do you want it to do?

The above question is a better one, because our Low-Code and No-Code systems allows us to dynamically orchestrate AI functions together, a lot of the times without any coding what so ever.

So the question isn't what it can do, the question is "what do you want it to do?"

In the video below I am creating an E-Commerce shopping cart in some few minutes, that creates a natural language shopping experience. However, fundamentally it can do anything! Yes, really!

It can't bend time and space of course, and we need either some data or API to connect to, and you can't ask it to violate the laws of physics - But in general, if there exists a software system on earth that can do it, our AI assistants can do it too.

What's next?

There's only one feature left we need to figure out before we can actually deliver 100% perfectly assembled AI assistants; Authentication and authorisation. If you watch the above video, you will notice how I tell you I had to destroy the above AI chatbot before releasing the video. This is because the AI chatbot itself doesn't have any authentication mechanisms. If this is all Greek to you, realise all we need is to add a login form to the AI chatbot, allowing only users with a username and a password to access it.

Once we have a login form in the AI chatbot, we can actually deliver 100% perfectly assembled AI assistants. And contrary to the Humane Pin, Rabbit, and other vendors with broken promises, we can actually deliver working AI assistants. This is because the remaining part of the problem isn't about AI and LLMs, it's an old fashion "software development problem."

AI assistants

Once we've solved the above, we will be able to deliver 100% customisable AI assistants, capable of doing (almost) anything you ask it to do, to such help you in your daily job - Whatever your daily job happens to be. We can integrate it with any existing software systems you've got from before, such as for instance create an AI chatbot integrated with WordPress, that automatically creates new articles for you, send marketing emails, or follow up emails to your contacts from HubSpot.


Once we're done with creating a login form, we'll move on to the Whisper API. Once we've got that in place, we've got an AI assistant you can actually talk to - And its most important feature I suspect will be as follows ...

It won't quarrel about pedantic arguments such as those often associated with this article or YouTube video. It'll simply be too busy doing stuff for you to find the time ... 😁

Then call it anything you wish, we call it Frank, but don't believe me, check it out for yourselves ... 😂

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 9. Jun 2024