Integrating ChatGPT with Shopify

Integrating ChatGPT with Shopify

Our ChatGPT web scraper is the envy of the industry. As far as we know, we're the only ChatGPT chatbot provider that can scrape your website, extract images and hyperlinks, chop up each page into a small training snippet, and produce super high quality context data for ChatGPT.

However, even with the best web scraper in the industry, being able to extract semantic data directly from Shopify's API still increases quality 10x. With semantic data we can extract the description, price, inventory, and everything from Shopify directly - Without having to scrape your website. And more importantly, we can update the information, allowing the chatbot to display live products, stock, and exact prices on a daily basis.

The quality this produces for your ChatGPT chatbot is quite frankly UNREAL!!

Example Shopify Integration

I cannot disclose the client name yet, but we're working with a Shopify E-Commerce vendor that is planning to integrate our chatbot into their frontend website. This allows them to use our ChatGPT chatbot as a sales executive, where visitors can ask questions about products, etc. Below are some example screenshots illustrating the quality we're able to deliver.

Screenshot of asking our ChatGPT chatbot about what products the E-Commerce vendor have

The chatbot is perfectly able to give the user a list of products, categories, in addition to guiding the user into the purchase flow, even throwing in a coupon code to upsell.

Screenshot of our ChatGPT chatbot showing products from Shopify 1

As I start asking questions about specific products, the chatbot will disclose inventory, and if there are fewer than some x amount of items left, it will encourage the user to hurry up and buy before it's gone.

Screenshot of our ChatGPT chatbot showing products from Shopify 1

In addition it will display high quality images of the product. Research shows us that being able to display high quality product images can increase conversion by as much as 1,600%. Notice in the above screenshot how the chatbot was also configured to address the user by name.

Our ChatGPT Chatbot helping you sell in your E-Commerce system by showing images taken from Shopify 1

As a finishing touch, the chatbot will create hyperlinks inline into its own response that guides the user directly to the page where the item can be purchased.

Our ChatGPT Chatbot helping you sell in your E-Commerce system by showing images taken from Shopify 2

How it works

We have a plugin module that can extract live information once for instance every 24 hour. When it executes, it will invoke Shopify's API to extract product information, and update its own machine learning model automatically. As it executes, it will extract inventory quantity, descriptions, product names, prices, and everything directly from Shopify's API.

This allows the chatbot to have access to fresh real time data directly from your Shopify database - Allowing it to know everything almost in real time about your inventory. The sales experience such a chatbot provides is quite frankly borderline surreal. It basically allows the chatbot to guide the user at every single step of the process, upsell product, doing everything it can to help the user make a purchasing decision.

Some few years ago IBM and a whole range of other companies did research into the subject, and found that a chatbot could increase sales by 67%. This should be intuitive to most. If you enter a retail store and nobody helps you, you'll probably not buy. If you enter another retail store, and one of the sales executives greets you and asks you if you need any help, for then to give you help - Obviously this will sell more. It's not exactly rocket science. You can read more about subjects such as these below.

Yesterday we published an article about Our Chatbot's 5 primary unique selling points where we explained we had to remove our list of features because it became simply too much text.

Today we've got one more feature we cannot display for these same reasons 😂

Got Shopify need ChatGPT Chatbot?

No problem, we've got you! You can contact us here to start the talks 😊

Thomas Hansen

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Published 28. Aug 2023