Outsource your AI-based Software Project for FREE

Outsource your AI-based Software Project for FREE

Yup, you heard us right. We might be willing to create your next AI project for free. This means we're willing to give you software development resources, without charging anything for the actual software development.

But before I explain why and how, let's have a look at the business in a historical perspective first ...

Software Development Outsourcing

Historically software developers have been some of the best paid professionals in the world. Software development is extremely difficult, requiring decades of training, and the market has had an extreme demand for more software developers.

One of the consequences of this have been that companies have sought out creative constructs, such as opening software development departments in low-cost countries, and outsourced their entire software development efforts. In Ukraine and India, this is probably considered "the bread and butter business plan for the tech industry". Not a single day passes without me getting at least 5 offers for outsourcing services on LinkedIn.

Every single day at least 5 outsourcing companies from India and Ukraine contacts me on LinkedIn trying to sell me their service

If you're the CTO of a software development company you can probably identify with this and confirm it.

Changing the Game

Due to our Low-Code, No-Code, and AI-based software development platform, we're now in a unique position. By this I mean that we can now build some software systems literally so fast, with such huge resource savings, that our internal costs for creating software is almost zero. I for one can probably create half a dozen highly customised GPTs every single day. Delivering 5 AI-apps into production, 5 days of the week if required.

In addition, our primary business model is subscriptions. We're charging a monthly fee to our clients for "cloudlets". A cloudlet is basically a "server" - More specifically a Kubernetes POD with Magic pre-installed, but that's besides the point.

The point is we do not need to charge money for software development

Our price range for such cloudlets is between $300 per month and $800 per month, and sometimes more for extreme cases. The result is that if we can create something in 20 hours for instance, we're returning a profit on this 6 to 12 months down the road on the subscription, while losing money in the short run.

We can basically throw in software development services for free as a "bonus product" while selling cloudlets

Our original plan

Originally we wanted to collaborate with outsourcing companies, giving other software development companies "an edge", allowing them to deliver custom software development under better conditions and terms than their competitors. The idea was that if they could underbid their competition on fixed cost deliveries, they would end up getting all the work they wanted, due to reduced risk for their clients, while delivering more for less.

We had zero outsourcing companies accepting. The strategy failed 100%!

We've contacted thousands of outsourcing companies, and zero were interested in saving time and become capable of delivering faster! ZERO - Read that once more please!

ZERO outsourcing companies wanted to reduce project risk, increase project quality, and deliver more for less!

We never understood the reason. For me saving resources should be an obvious win. However, slowly the truth dawned upon us, which is that outsourcing companies do not want to reduce their resources. They're charging by the hour, so everything that makes them able to deliver faster, implies lost revenue. Their choices were basically ...

Use Magic and deliver in 5 hours and invoice for 5 hours, or use "whatever" and spend 50 hours and invoice for 50 hours!

Considering we can create some types of AI-based apps 1,000 times faster than everybody else out there, we're now therefor in a position where we can give away software development services "for free". The logic being that we'll make up for it in the long run, since the software we create needs to be hosted in our cloud.

We're therefor willing to create your next AI-based software system free of charge, where free of charge implies you pay the first month's subscription fee for a cloudlet, and we get to work. I need to emphasise that we're not willing to accept all projects with this model. It has to be a custom GPT, an AI chatbot, or something similar where we can leverage the advantages of our existing platform. You also have to host it with us.

Outsourcing the Risk

If you've ever used outsourcing services, you know it's extremely risky. Outsourcing software development services to a company on the other side of the planet, with zero understanding of your business model, quadruples your risk of failure. When you're using a traditional outsourcing company, they're charging by the hour - So once it fails, you're left "holding the bag", having to accept it as your loss.

Most outsourcing companies will probably do their best to deliver, but the incentives are misaligned. The more hours the outsourcing company can bill, the more revenue they have, and your project becomes more expensive. A traditional outsourcing company is therefor not "a partner" but have incentives towards behaving more like "a parasite."

It's not as if they want to act like a parasite, they just make more revenue if they do

Our incentives is to deliver your project as fast as humanly possible. If we can do it in 20 minutes, we will do it in 20 minutes. In addition, our incentive is to make sure you continue your subscription with us, which you will only do if you're happy with our services.

If you outsource your next AI project to us, your only risk is one month of subscription fee, implying $198 or $800. And if we fail to deliver, you just stop paying for your subscription, and you can leave with almost zero loss. If we succeed though, we'll return our investment 6 to 12 months down the road, and make an even higher profit than a traditional outsourcing company from your project, but not before a year after you started using your new system. We basically take 100% of the risk ourselves, leaving you with zero risk.

Yes, we're basically so confident in our platform and our team's ability to deliver, we're willing to take unto ourselves 100% of the risk associated with creating custom software for you. In a way it's the software development industry's equivalent of "leasing" ...

Example Use Cases

Yet again, I need to emphasise that not all software development projects lends themselves to this model. We're not going to create frontend code for you at all for instance, and we only do AI-based software development projects, and/or API development based upon our own platform. However, below are some examples of projects we'd do "for free" using the above model.

  • Custom GPTs based upon CRUD database access
  • CRUD APIs with simple business logic
  • Email blasters based upon custom GPTs sending personalised emails based upon existing data or website scraping
  • Content production GPTs for incrementally creating articles and social media content
  • Back office AI-based administration apps for administrating your database, and/or perform simple back office tasks, built as GPTs
  • AI-based CRM systems for managing customers and clients
  • AI-based personal assistants, created with custom GPTs and Magic
  • Customised AI chatbots and AI search
  • Etc ...

Below is an example of a custom GPT we built ourselves. This one took us about 5 to 10 hours to wire correctly together, and something like this would basically be a part of our "free software development services."

For us, the above GPT saves us of 1 hour of manual work each, every single day. It took me 5 to 10 hours to implement, so we've got ROI in days. If you have a marketing department with 5 employees, and we created something such as the above for you, you'd have ROI on your initial "software development costs" (one month subscription) 24 hours after you started using it.

You'd have to calculate doing some of the prompt engineering, and/or configuration of your custom GPTs yourself - But besides from that, we'd basically deliver a finished AI-app, in production, ready to be used, and we would do it for free!

In the short run, we'd lose money on you - But in the long run, our profit would be much higher than a traditional software development company - But only as long as we can somehow keep you happy enough to continue paying for your subscription.

Our incentives would be for you to use the software we create for you for the next 100 years if possible, so we would want to deliver high quality to you

  • Incentives are aligned
  • You have zero risk
  • We have to deliver amazing service, or you simply stop paying the subscription
  • You get amazing AI-based software helping you out in your company
  • You get to control how the end result ends up behaving because you'd be expected to do the prompt engineering part (with help from us)

Win, win, win! It's basically an equation where 2+2 equals 547. If you want to have a talk with us about outsourcing your next AI project to us, you can contact us below.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 25. Jan 2024