Spotware Systems Partnering with AINIRO on AI and Customer Support

Spotware Systems Partnering with AINIRO on AI and Customer Support

Forex is the largest trading market in the world moving 2.1 quadrillion dollars annually. In case you don't know what a quadrillion is, it is 1,000 trillion.

Spotware Systems being one of the largest trading platforms in this market is therefor arguably moving a significant part of 2,100 trillion dollars annually, and they just partnered with AINIRO.IO to deliver AI-based customer support chatbots for their clients using our AI chatbot technology.

Spotware's trading platform cTrader is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world in this space, and it's now being powered by AI support, based upon our AI technology. Try out their AI support chatbot below, and ask it about cTrader, or anything related to their trading platform, company, or Forex trading in general.

cTrader's AI chatbot

Implementation Details

Spotware had some unique problems we had to tackle. Among other things they've got thousands of visitors on their website every single day, so we needed to stress test their chatbot to make sure it was able to handle such amounts of traffic. Building an AI chatbot for a website with 500 visitors per month, and building a chatbot for a website with 5,000,000 visitors per month are two very different tasks

The website itself contained very high quality data, but was unfortunately a SPA, so we had to be "creative" when we created their machine learning model. Fortunately Spotware had the raw documentation files in a structured format, allowing us to easily import these into their cloudlet, providing high quality answers. Their images and screenshots were obsolete, but it was not important for Spotware to display images in the chatbot in the first version, so we manually removed images from their model after import. Later when they've got high quality images for their latest version of cTrader, we'll of course implement these into their machine learning model.

Integrating the chatbot into cTrader

Spotware have plans to implement their AI chatbot directly into their primary product, which implies our chatbot will have to be able to handle millions of users every single week. Obviously, security is imperative when dealing with such numbers. Both of these concerns are points we've spent a lot of time refining in our technology, and we're confident in that neither of these will be problems for Spotware as they integrate the chatbot directly into their product.

Legal issues

It was very important for Spotware that the chatbot was GDPR compliant, which ours is out of the box, since it does not send any private data to OpenAI at all, but routes all traffic through our Kubernetes cluster, where private data is stripped from the request before the question itself is sent to OpenAI and ChatGPT.

For OpenAI all requests are coming from our servers, and they have no access to users' private data at all, making their AI chatbot 100% GDPR compliant

In addition it was crucial for Spotware that the chatbot does not give trading advice. Forex and CFD instruments are heavily regulated, and providing trading advise might be perceived as misguiding users, so this had to be turned off to ensure compliance towards CySEC, FCA, and other government organisations Spotware have to deal with related to regulations and compliance.

In addition, to simplify GDPR compliance, Spotware didn't want the chatbot to collect personal information at all. We can easily do this, while still being GDPR compliant. We can for instance generate leads, collect names and emails, and have the chatbot sell products and services - But Spotware wanted a 100% "customer support type of chatbot", and didn't want to leverage our lead generation features to simplify GDPR compliance and eliminate any doubt.

Spotware leading this space

This makes Spotware arguably the leading trading platform provider in the world, now leveraging AI to reduce customer support costs, and automate their help system. Research into this area shows that an AI chatbot can reduce on average 30% of customer support costs. However, our chatbot have a lot of unique traits that can reduce costs up to 80%.

Spotware's chatbot answers on average 10 questions per hour now, which would previously have triggered support requests for Spotware's clients - Resulting in that there are now 240 less support tickets being created per day because of the AI chatbot. The average resource cost of one single support request can rapidly become 30 to 60 minutes of manual work, resulting in that their AI chatbot is generating savings equivalent to $2,726 - $5,454 every day - Assuming an average salary cost per human support engineer of $4,000 per month.

The chatbot saves money equivalent to $120,000 per month or $1,400,000 each year

Spotware being one of the largest trading platform vendors in this space, having 70% of all 243 CySEC regulated Forex brokers in Cyprus alone as clients, obviously knows this, and intend to take advantage of such automation.

As to quality of services, research from IBM shows that 69% of your users prefers AI chatbots because it gives them instant answers.

An AI chatbot understanding 90+ Languages

In addition the Forex market is a highly international market, with traders speaking Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, and all languages you can imagine. Our AI chatbot technology can easily be configured to answer in whatever language the user phrases his or her question in, resulting in that you no longer need to hire multilingual support technicians to handle customer support. The savings here should be obvious.

Our ChatGPT AI chatbot explaining cTrader in French

Approximately 40% of support questions Spotware's chatbot is answering is today in non-English languages, including French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Portugese.

AINIRO.IO - Your Forex AI Partner

When Spotware needed an AI chatbot it was of course important for them to chose a vendor that knew a lot about the Forex market. We've got almost a decade worth of experience with Forex and FinTech, making us the obvious choice for them.

Forex is heavily regulated, and one wrong step can literally break a broker. With our unique Forex experience, coupled with our unique AI experience, the choice was obvious for Spotware. They simply couldn't afford making a bad choice here, since the stakes were simply too high.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 16. Oct 2023