The AI Chatbot that Does your Laundry

The AI Chatbot that Does your Laundry

I've seen this meme on Facebook several times lately, where people complain about having the AI doing arts and music, leaving the laundry and the dishes to its owner.

Basically it goes as follows ...

I don't want AI to do my art and music such that I can do my laundry. I want the AI to do my laundry such that I can do art and music

We acknowledge this problem at AINIRO, so we decided to to something about it, by showing you how our AI technology can literally do your laundry. You can reproduce every single prompt I do in this article yourself by asking our AI chatbot the same questions. However, please don't send the email, it comes to me and not to your housemaid. This is a conscious choice to avoid having users spamming others using our publicly available chatbots.

If you want a private AI chatbot that can actually order a housemaid, you can send us an email, and we'll come back to you with a quote.

AI Functions

The difference between an AI chatbot without AI functions and one with AI functions, is the same as the difference between a paralytic and a person with 100 arms and legs. This is because AI functions allows the AI chatbot to actually do something. AI functions are the foundation for our AI workflows, and really they are the big difference between our technology and everybody else's technology. To understand why, let's have our AI chatbot do the laundry for us.

Below I search the web for housemaids in my city, for then to have the AI chatbot send an email to one of the results, asking them if they can send me a housemaid for the 1st of July. Everything is 100% automatic.

The AI that washes your laundry 1The AI that washes your laundry 2
The AI that washes your laundry 3The AI that washes your laundry 4
The AI that washes your laundry 5The AI that washes your laundry 6

We've configured our AI chatbot to only send emails to us, serving as a "contact us form", but we can easily deliver AI chatbots and AI Expert Systems based upon AI workflows that sends email to anyone, including your housemaid. However, here's the end result of the above.

The AI that washes your laundry 7

A real AI expert system can be configured to automatically sign the email, include maps coordinates, phone number, etc.

No-Code AI Assistants

The above allows us to deliver AI Assistants that arguably more or less automatically washes your dishes and does your laundry - Literally! Something you can clearly see with your own eyes, and even reproduce if you don't believe me.

These AI functions are also exclusively based upon low-code and no-code AI, and almost created using "drag'n'drop". Let me show you how our "search the web" AI function was added to the chatbot to illustrate the point.

Search the web AI function

Clicking the above "install" button gives your AI chatbot the capability to search the web.

We've got AI functions for all possible scenarios, and we're creating more AI functions every single day. And our plugin architecture allows you to simply install a plugin into your cloudlet that gives you more AI functions. In addition, if you don't find a particular AI function you need, you can literally create your own as a no-code and low-code Hyperlambda workflow.

10 Years Head Start

I'm sorry if I sound cocky here, but our technology is basically 10 years ahead of everybody else's technology here. This is because we started working on this 10 years before everybody else - Literally!

When everybody went bananas in 2023 because of ChatGPT going viral, we had 10 years of innovation behind us already. Don't believe me? Realise the foundation for why we can do what we can do is Hyperlambda. Hyperlambda was created by me in 2013. In 2017 I wrote an article about Hyperlambda for Microsoft. It became their 5th most popular article ever. You can read it below.

Yesterday, one of our competitors, a 4 letter .com pronouncible domain may I add, created a demo AI chatbot using our tech. They didn't even have the audacity to provide us with a real email address, and the schmuck who created it used "anon" as his name - So they never got the demo. But here you can see it in action.

What is anon

Obviously they're curious about how we can do what we can do, while they're left in the dust 10 years behind me, a solo entrepreneur may I add. Anon have 7 million dollars in VC funding, I started AINIRO on literally $7!

I'd love to tell their VC company to invest in me instead, since I'm (obviously) 10 years ahead of Anon - However, I'd rather have Chlamydia before I get VC funded - Which I assume is unfortunate for the VC fund who threw away 7 million dollars subsidising a bunch of FOMO kids trying to build AI assistants, and obviously failing may I add, since they had to create a demo AI chatbot scraping their website using my technology.

Open letter to Anon - Next time maybe have the audacity to use your real email address and name, and maybe I won't leave you hanging to dry like I did in this article, and maybe I'll even show you some respect!

FYI, in case you missed the point; I'm a solo entrepreneur, I'm running in circles around Google, and every single Fortune 500 company in the world, in addition to everybody else. I started my company with $7, and I'm profitable. I suggest you read that sentence one more time, because there are lessons to be learned here ...

Shadow Banned by Google

In fact we're so far ahead of everything else I suspect Google has shadow banned our website, because we scare the living crap out of them. If you Google AI chatbot, the top 20 results are basically garbage. It's consistently the least powerful AI chatbots Google will show you. Below are a couple of scientific facts about AI I suspect might be the resons for this.

Basically, AI's "purpose" is to dismantle Google, making it obsolete, and destroy search the way we know it.

Don't believe me? Search for a housemaid using our AI chatbot below, and compare the quality of its response, and its simplicity, with a similar Google search.

Solo Entrepreneur better than Google

AINIRO has one single employee; Me, and I refuse to hire people! Still, for some reasons I'm able to outperform Google, even thought Google have something like 100,000 employees. There are few things that pleases my heart more than that simple fact, especially considering Google having basically declared "war" against me, and seems to be trying everything they can to destroy my ability to deliver kick ass AI chatbots to companies such as yours.

Shadow banned by Google

Yes, Google have basically shadow banned me, to the point where they don't even allow me to create Google Ads anymore - An no, I did not violate their policies! If you still don't understand why, try clicking our AI chatbot and have it find a housemaid for you ...

However, with a little bit of luck, this article might go viral, and making your ability to find it using Google become irrelevant - Allowing me to deliver kick ass AI solutions to the SMB and Enterprise market, such that we can collaborate on taking Google out of its suffering.

An open letter to Sundar Pichai

I'd love to write a long letter, using formal language, with corprorate speak and the whole shebang, to tell Sundar Pichai a couple of truths. However, I quite frankly don't have the patience, so I'll just tell him what I really mean ...

FUCK OFF Sundar Pichai - And crawl off and die Google! And please hurry you sons of bitches! You're the scum of the Earth!

Here you can see the ugly son of a bitch, in case you don't know who he is!

Sundar Pichai

Ohh yeah, if you want an AI chatbot that does your laundry, and helps taking Google out of its misery in the process - You can contact me below 😊

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 27. Jun 2024

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