Your Superman Sales Executive GPT

Your Superman Sales Executive GPT

B2B Sales is hard. First you need to find relevant leads. When you've found a lead, you need to convince them to purchase your product. The process is extremely demanding on the manpower side, often requiring months to land a single sale.

With some intelligent prompt engineering, and a little bit of help from our GPT Creator, step 2 has effectively been automated. We've got you bro, we've created the Superman of AI Sales Executives, and we're selling it to everyone who needs to optimise their B2B sales efforts.

The Product

If you can get a name, website, and email - We have a Sales GPT that can generate convincing arguments and automatically send your lead an email. This eliminates the initial hard parts, which is to convince your lead to become a client. Watch the video below to understand how it works.

Fundamentally it's just a custom GPT. However, it has some "Magic Spice" in there. Which is first of all it's based upon a custom machine learning model created with AINIRO.IO's Magic Cloud. Basically a "chatbot" if you wish. However, instead of a human being querying your chatbot, the GPT will query your chatbot.

Then it's using our website scraper. The scraper will scrape your lead's website, find its verticals, and apply these as a search query to the chatbot model, extracting only relevant information from your website, as in content that's relevant to your specific lead's vertical and primary business.

The 3rd step it will use your relevant product information to create convincing arguments specifically tailored to your lead's vertical and primary business to construct a personalised B2B sales email trying to convince your lead about why he or she should purchase your product. This last step can be prompt engineered any ways you see fit, to for instance have your lead schedule a meeting, answer your questions, ask for phone number, etc. This part is 100% customisable, and depends upon your existing sales process. An image says more than 1,000 words, so let me illustrate it with an "analogy" for what the system is doing.

Robot writing dozens of emails and letters at the same time

Personalised Sales Messages

The system can be configured to generate and send personalised emails, LinkedIn InMail messages, or any type of message you wish. The difference being of course that each email will be highly individual, answering the lead's specific problems, within their vertical. It becomes a 100% personal email, speaking directly to the lead's particular requirements, and it does it in 30 seconds.

Having a Human Sales Executive writing emails of the same quality, would require 100+ human sales executives. With our Superman B2B Sales Executive GPT, one human can do the job of 100+ humans - At which point the only remaining question is how to find leads.

Once the lead replies to your automatically generated leads, a human sales executive can take over the discussion, and book a meeting, and/or continue the conversation - However, at that point, all the hard work has already been done, and the lead is "flaming hot", already having a vested interest in your product due to the email that was automatically generated by your GPT.

This is what we do

We help companies setup such GPTs. In fact, it's one of our products. If you're interested in hearing more about our Superhuman Sales GPT, you can drop us a message below. And if you're getting an email from us these days, you know who wrote it ... 😉

In fact, I am accepting friend requests these days from every single outsourcing company offering us software development services, with my goal being to have them leave me their name, email and website, at which point I use our Sales GPT to automatically send them an email selling our ChatGPT chatbot as an example of what our Superhuman Sales GPT can actually accomplish.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CTO of AINIRO.IO AS. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 24. Nov 2023