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Increase Sales by 400%

According to IBM an average AI chatbot increases sales by 67%. However, at Club de Mode our chatbot was able to increase sales by 400%. Read more about how Club de Mode increased sales on their Shopify website here.

An AINIRO chatbot can show product images as an integrated part of the chatting experience, in addition to addressing the user by name. This makes it perfect for E-Commerce, allowing you to showcase your products directly to the end user and have the AI chatbot function as a sales assistant.

Combined with that an AINIRO chatbot can collect user information, integrate with your CRM system, and even automatically sign up users for your marketing newsletters - This creates a unique one of a kind value proposition for your E-Commerce website.

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Use your ChatGPT chatbot to sell in your E-Commerce by having it display product images
Reduce Customer Support costs by installing a ChatGPT chatbot on your website

Reduce costs by 80%

A research study by IBM concluded with that AI chatbots can reduce your customer service costs by 30%. However, our figures are drastically larger because of the high quality responses an AINIRO chatbot is able to return. Other studies have found AI chatbots to increase perceived customer experience quality by 14%.

We have unique technology that allows us to scrape your website, and use ChatGPT as a website chatbot with your own data. This gives you a unique ChatGPT chatbot that knows everything about your business and can handle customer questions 24/7.

Try asking our chatbot in the bottom/right corner: Can I use your chatbot for customer service? Having an AI chatbot makes your business available 24/7 for customer inquiries. More than 50% of your customers expects your business to be available 24/7, and 69% of your users prefers an AI chatbot because it gives them instant answers.

Contact us if you need help to automate customer service.

ChatGPT for WhatsApp

We can also deliver ChatGPT chatbots for WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, and almost anything. This allows you to have a 24/7 presence on whatever platform your users are present.

In fact, we can deliver chatbots that integrates towards any imaginable system you have from before. However, instead of me telling you about our chatbot, why don't you ask it yourself?

Screenshot of using our ChatGPT chatbot on WhatsApp
Integrating a ChatGPT Chatbot with your Shopify E-Commerce website

Integrate with Shopify

We can also integrate your chatbot with Shopify, allowing it to work on live real time data through your Shopify account's API. This allows us to create a chatbot that is updated with data from your Shopify account, only displaying products that are available, and keeps track of stock and inventory.

We can also integrate towards other E-Commerce systems, such as for instance WooCommerce. This further increases the quality of your chatbot by 10x, since it allows your chatbot to work with semantic data, which increases quality 10x compared to scraping your site.

The process is 100% automatic, and you don't need to do anything yourself. The chatbot will automatically connect to your E-Commerce system's API and update its data once every day.

In addition, we can integrate your chatbot with your CMS system, regardless of what CMS system you're using. This allows you to guide users into your chatbot from your pages, such that the chatbot collects emails and names from your visitors.

Research about chatbots

The following data was gathered by: CNBC, Cognizant, VentureBeat, Forbes, IBM and AccentureDigital.
However, our figures are much larger than this.


More than 50% of customers expects your business to be available 24/7


69% of customers prefers a chatbot because it gives them instant answers


A website chatbot increases sales by 67% on average

142 billion dollars

Before the end of 2024 consumer retail spending through chatbots will have reached 142 billion dollars


A ChatGPT chatbot can help companies reduce their customer support costs by 30%


57% of respondents said a chatbot delivers large ROI with small investment

ChatGPT with Real Time Information

Our chatbot technology can be configured to access real time information, such as stock tickers, data from your CRM systems, work as news aggregators, etc. We can even extract live data directly from your SQL database and integrate with your ChatGPT chatbot.

In addition we can deliver chatbots that are integrated with search engines, and display real time news about recent events. This allows us to have your chatbot provide real time information, such as illustrated below.

Access to real time information in your ChatGPT AI chatbot
Integrating your ChatGPT chatbot with your calendar app and have it book appointments

The chatbot that Books Appointments

Try asking our chatbot: Can I book an appointment? Our chatbot can display HTML allowing us to integrate it with almost anything you can imagine. Booking appointments is just one example of how this can benefit your business.

This allows you to easily transition customer sales and support inquiries to a human once your visitors gives your chatbot purchasing signals. Try out some of these features below, and realise that if you provide our chatbot with your email address, our sales executives will immediately get an email with your entire chat history, allowing us to have a human being taking over the conversation.

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