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ChatGPT-based AI Expert Systems

AI Expert Systems

An AI Expert System can reduce costs of mundane tasks by 90%. Think about it like a "bigger brain" if it helps. It works by combining semantic AI search on your own data, for then to create a context that is used to generate a text response using OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Example usage might be drilling into legal documents, creating contracts, content production for digital marketing, translation services, customer service etc. Only your imagination sets the limits here.

Imagine if you could have ChatGPT generate responses based upon your own private data, in your own privately owned AI-based computer brain? This is what an AI Expert System does.

Based upon your data

The point about our AI Expert Systems is that it's based upon your data. This results in that ChatGPT knows everything about your problem domain, and your company. Our AI Expert System can scrape your website for data, you can upload PDF files to it, export data from your existing database, etc.

This results in that OpenAI's ChatGPT is no longer a "general AI model", but rather a highly specialized expert in whatever domain you need for it to become an expert in.

Our AI Expert Systems allows you to import data in any format you have; XML, JSON, CSV, PDF or YAML.

Crawling and scraping your website for context data to your AI Expert System
Configuring your AI Expert System

The bigger brain

Imagine increasing the collective IQ of your organization by 10x in 5 minutes? In a way this describes what an AI Expert System does. Need to translate a document into Chineese, Spanish, and French for a meeting you've got 20 minutes from now? No problem, we've got you!

Our AI Expert Systems allows you to create multiple models, and grants access to your employees according to what roles they have in your organization. Your legal department can have one model, while your marketing department might have a different model.

The result becomes personalized expert cognitive assistance, increasing your employees productivity, sometimes by as much as 10x. By combining our AI Expert Systems with our ChatGPT website chabot, you can sometimes automate 50% of your work, and optimise the rest by 90%.

Use cases

Below are some example use cases for our AI Expert System that might get your creativity started

Customer Service

With an AI Expert System your customer services agents instantly becomes 10x smarter. Read a peer reviewed study concluding with 14% productivity improvement by leveraging ChatGPT for customer service. The idea being that our AI Expert System serves as a cognitive assistant, helping your agents to answer questions from clients. Read more about our ChatGPT for Customer Service solutions.

Digital Marketing

Do you need to write several articles for multiple clients every single day? Our AI Expert Systems can create a 500+ words article for you in seconds. Such articles will be incrementally built on top of your existing content, producing articles with the same style of writing. Read more about how to use ChatGPT for content production. Read more about ChatGPT for Digital Marketing.


Do you have a document that needs to be translated into multiple languages? Such services typically costs hundreds of dollars per page. Our AI Expert System can translate half a dozen pages in seconds. The costs savings are obvious I presume, and the quality is also typically higher than whatever most humans can produce.

Unique Technology

Our technology will massage your content intelligently, allowing for our AI Expert System to create "associations" between seamingly unrelated concepts, allowing you to phrase questions such as "What's the difference between a and b", and have the system analyze the differences.

This results in higher quality results for you, since we've gone through an immense amount of optimisation and quality improvement techniques to ensure as high quality as possible for you as the end user of our system.

You can configure the system to almost "split the atom" if required, due to all the different configuration options we've got, and all the features our systems have. This combined with that we're building our foundation on top of Magic Cloud, results in a complete AI and Machine Learning platform allowing you to administrate your AI Expert System in ways incomprehensible for other similar vendors out there. Contact us today to see what we can do for you, or use our DIY version if you prefer to setup things for yourself.

An AI Expert System based upon Unique Technology

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