How to get ChatGPT on your website

How to get ChatGPT on your website

ChatGPT is the coolest thing since sliced bread. In this article I explain how you can put it on your website, and make it answer according to your data.

At AINIRO.IO we create middleware that sits between your company and ChatGPT. This allows us to create a lot of really interesting solutions, such as our AI Expert System for instance. However, our flagship solution is that we can scrape your website and create a ChatGPT website chatbot you can embed on your website, such that it answers questions the way you want it to answer questions. Try our chatbot in the bottom/right corner of this page to understand what we're talking about.

Today we published a new video that walks you through the entire process in some few minutes. If you watch the following video, and follow the recipe, you will have your own website chatbot based upon ChatGPT in 5 minutes.

How it works

We crawl and scrape your website for data. This creates a "context" for ChatGPT it will use to answer questions. In addition we secure your chatbot with Google's reCAPTCHA, preventing bots (pun!) from invoking your chatbot. Then as people are phrasing questions to your chatbot, we find the most relevant "training snippets" from your database, and use these as a context for ChatGPT as we send the question to OpenAI through their APIs.

This allows us to "bend ChatGPT to our will" in ways that are almost impossible to imagine before you've seen it. A week ago we created a Donald Trump ChatGPT chatbot that literally answers as if it is Donald Trump. This was of course just a fun experiment, but we can also create chatbots that answers as;

  • The CEO of your company
  • A Sales Executive helping you sell your products and services
  • A Customer Support agent, providing customer support to your website visitors
  • And many more

Our own chatbot is configured to answer as a Sales Executive while always recommending our products if given the opportunity. Try asking our chatbot; "Who's got the best ChatGPT website chatbot?" - At which point it will answer something roughly resembling the following.

Who's got the best ChatGPT website chatbot


Our technology is developed by our team of software developers and machine learning experts in its entirety. It is based upon Magic Cloud which is open source, so you can even inspect it and look at it if you wish, to make sure it's secure and safe to use. Open source software is your guarantee for high quality and high levels of security.

Our platform even provides you with statsitics about usage, history log, manually editing your training data, and configuration options that are "next level" if needed. Below is a screenshot of the scraping process.

Scraping your website for ChatGPT data

Still the simplicity of our platform only requires some 3 to 4 button clicks before you've got your own chatbot. Watch the video above to verify this.

In general, the amount of "cognitive energy" that has gone into creating our ChatGPT website chatbot technology is staggering. If you look carefully at the screenshot of the scraping and crawling process above, you will see how it "Successfully created summary of snippet to shorten it". A good training snippet shouldn't be too long, so when one of your pages in your website ends up resulting in a too large training snippet, we summarize that snippet using (pun!) ChatGPT. In addition we will chop up each crawled page into multiple training snippets, cutting up individual pages where it makes sense, according to your website's structure - Yet again, to improve the quality of your training data.

The end result becomes a high quality database of "training snippets", where you end up with a chatbot that can freely associate and generate new content, based upon multiple pages or sources of data, providing its user with truly unique amounts of creativity, without leaving your training data - Unless you want it to leave your training data.

Configuration options

You can configure how strict your chatbot should be while using your training data, what base-model to use from OpenAI, your reCAPTCHA settings, authorization and authentication to allow only employees with a username and password accessing your machine learning model, etc. This gives you fine-grained control over ChatGPT we've yet to see anybody out there being able to replicate. Below is a screenshot of the configuration process for your machine learning model, allowing you to setup everything exactly as you need.

Configuring your ChatGPT website chatbot


Basically, we're not lying when we say the following;

We put ChatGPT on your website and make it say what you want

Thank you for your time, and yet again, please watch the above video, since the entire process is described in a hands-on style in the video 😊

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 22. Apr 2023