Integrate ChatGPT with your CRM

Integrate ChatGPT with your CRM

One of our primary verticals for our ChatGPT Chatbot is digital marketing. Using your ChatGPT Chatbot to generate leads is an obvious win. Your chatbot works 24/7, never gets tired, and never asks for a vacation - And we can configure it such that it asks for contact details from every single user asking it questions, for then to ingest this information into your CRM system.

You can try it yourself with our Chatbot, try asking it for instance: Can you show images? The point being that before you're allowed to ask it questions, it will ask you for your email and your name.

Once you give it your name and email address, you'll be automatically signed up to our marketing newsletter, and start receiving marketing emails from us. But we can integrate this process with anything you wish, including your CRM system.

This gives you an endless flow of new leads in your CRM system

Data gathering

Marketing is all about gathering data. No data, no marketing. Collecting leads is the goal of most marketing initiatives today. This allows marketing to live in a symbiotic relationship with your sales executives, where your marketing department feeds your sales department an endless stream of new leads.

No leads, no sales

You can pay for Google Ads or Facebook Ads to generate traffic to your website, and hope visitors will either buy immediately, use your contact form, or sign up to your newsletter. Everybody who have tried this knows it's extremely inefficient. WHY would your users want to sign up to your newsletter? Think about it reversed, would you sign up to your own newsletter if you came to your own website as a new visitor, and you didn't know anything about your own company?

When you have a chatbot that asks the user for his or her name and email address under the excuse of that it wants to give you a personalised experience, chances are that the user understands why he or she needs to give you their email address, and becomes more likely to provide such information to you.

This is why companies are giving away free white papers, free courses, and other freebies as they're asking their users for their email address.

You need to address the "What's in it for me?" question

Getting access to a highly intelligent ChatGPT chatbot the user can ask questions about your company, and/or your industry, becomes the answer to the above why.

Integrating with your CRM

Once the visitor have provided you with their name and email, we can configure your chatbot such that it automatically sends this to your CRM system. As long as your CRM system have an API, and/or a database we can connect with, we can feed emails to your CRM system as an endless stream of new leads.

We can also collect phone numbers, zip codes, and anything you wish if emails is not your thing

Depending upon what answers your visitors are giving you, you can tag leads accordingly, prioritise them according to how they answer questions, and funnel them into different sales pipelines. If you're an insurance company selling insurances for instance, you might ask the user if he or she has an insurance from before. If they have an insurance with an existing company, you will want to know which company. This allows you to provide the user with a personalised sales experience, where you can run the user through a different sales pipeline depending upon which insurance company the user is using from before.

Segmentation and personalisation is KEY to success!

An AINIRO chatbot can be configured to ask any questions you wish, providing your sales executives with a head start as they contact your leads.

An example segmentation process

We're selling chatbots (obviously). For us an example questionnaire could be for instance.

  1. What's your name?
  2. What's your email?
  3. Are you interested in purchasing an AI chatbot?
  4. Do you have an AI chatbot from before, if yes, which?

4 simple questions allowing us to segmentate our sales initiatives. If the website user answer yes and for instance "WhateverGPT" on question 3 and 4, our sales initiatives towards that specific client could be for instance.

Did you know that we've got 4 crucial features that "WhateverGPT" does not have? 3 of these have been proven to increase trust and engagement by xyz percent!

Knowledge is POWER, but Trust is even MORE power!

The more knowledge you have about your leads, the more powerful your sales process becomes. We're storing every single question the user asks the chatbot, and we can pass this information on to your CRM system, arming your sales executives with a lot of high quality information before they even pick up the phone and contact your leads.

In addition the chatbot has already "prepared" the user, pre-qualified the lead, and already established a trust level impossible to reproduce using a "Contact us" form.

25% of our users will say "Thank you" to our chatbot. This simple "thank you" is proof of that the user has already generated a trust relationship with the chatbot. Once the human sales executive takes over the lead, this trust relationship "rubs on" to your sales executive, giving your sales department a head start.

In sales Trust is EVERYTHING! No trust, no sales!


  1. You want to gather as many leads as possible from your website
  2. You want to know as much as possible about your leads
  3. You need some means to contact your leads to convert them to paying customers
  4. You want to establish trust with your leads, preferably before your sales executives starts contacting your leads
  5. An AI chatbot such as our ChatGPT chatbot can accomplish all of the above

If you want to hear more about how we can help you out leveraging ChatGPT and AI in your lead generation, and automatically integrate your chatbot with your CRM system, you can reach out to us below.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 19. Aug 2023