Integrate ChatGPT with your Support System

Integrate ChatGPT with your Support System

Customer support is an obvious use case for AI and ChatGPT. Users can ask questions using natural language, the chatbot will understand their questions, use existing data to find an answer, and provide the user with an answer in 20 seconds.

We have just released a new module for our ChatGPT chatbot that allows us to extract all customer support questions and answers from your ticket system, and create a machine learning model based upon your content.

It works similarly to how we can make ChatGPT scrape your website, but instead of scraping your website, we can scrape your database, and/or connect to your ticket system through its API to extract data. The process can also be associated with a scheduled task, that for instance runs once every 24 hours, allowing the chatbot to become "a living and evolving customer support chatbot", updating its knowledge base based upon customer support questions answered by your human support agents.

Needless to say obviously, but this saves A LOT of money!

Support for more than 90 languages

Our support chatbots can also be configured to support more than 90 languages, and be configured such that they respond in whatever language the user phrases a question. This allows you to provide customer support 100% automatically in almost 100 different languages.

We've got users asking questions in Arabic, Farsi, Chineese, and any language you can imagine - Every single day in fact. Try it out for yourself by asking a question to our chatbot in my native language, which is Norwegian.

You probably don't understand Norwegian, but I can guarantee you that its response is 100% accurate. Reproducing this using human employees, working 24/7, would require hiring 300 employees, working shift hours, 365 days per year. Our chatbot starts out at $300 per month, and for that you get a chatbot that can answer in almost 100 languages.

I'm not sure of how much you'd need to pay for employees in your country, but in Norway our ChatGPT chatbot would give you a return on your investment in 0.00000000000000001 seconds! 😂

Support for 100+ ticket systems

As long as we can somehow access your support system, either through an API, or directly through a database connection, we can support your ticket system. This allows us to build a "bridge" between your existing ticket system, that extracts questions and answers, for then to generate a unique one of a kind chatbot, that knows more about your business than you probably know yourself.

This bridge can be configured to automatically extract data from your existing ticket system on a schedule, such as for instance every Sunday, 2AM every night, etc. The point being that the entire process becomes 100% automated.

We can also easily create bridges back to your human support engineers, implying if the chatbot doesn't know the answer, it guides the user into your existing ticket system, allowing him or her to create a traditional ticket that will be answered by a human support agent.

This allows you to have ChatGPT answer 80% of your support requests, while transitioning questions it can't answer back to your human support agents

Upsell products and services

Everybody knows that it is 20 times easier to sell additional products and services to an existing customer compared to selling products to new customers. This is because the largest hurdle when it comes to sales is trust. If you've got a happy client, he or she already trusts you.

Our chatbots can be configured to upsell additional products and services, giving you an opportunity to sell more as an integrated part of your customer experience. Our chatbots can be configured to route people into your existing E-Commerce system once "buy signals" have been identified. The process is 100% automatic.

Research shows that an AI chatbot can increase sales by 67%

An image says more than 1,000 words

Some support questions are better answered with an image. The other day, I needed support from my phone service provider. The explanation I was given, was to go into my phone's settings, click my way 3/4 menu items into my phone's settings, for then to click a button, and restart my phone. Obviously this was painful, and could have been solved much better by showing me a couple of screenshots. As far as we know, we've got the only ChatGPT chatbot that can show images. Try it out for yourself.

Below is a screenshot illustrating how our chatbot can display images, in addition to searching the web for information, and answer accordingly.

The ChatGPT Chatbot that can browse the web and display images

The chatbot that knows your name

Our chatbots can also be configured to address the user by his or her name. Research shows that this increases trust by more than 10x. To illustrate the difference, imagine your name being Peter, and two guys on the street calling you out as follows.

  • Hi Peter, how's it going?
  • Hi stranger, how's it going?

Which of the two above questions would make you turn your head and actually answer? We can "ingest" personal information into the chat stream, that allows our chatbot to recognize its users by name. This increases trust and confidence in your services by at least 10x!

We can also ingest additional information, such as age, sex, state, and hair color for that matter. This creates "the illusion" of that our chatbot actually knows your users and remembers them - Which of course is a fairly dramatic effect by itself, making your customer support service being experienced as 100 times better than everything else.

Trust the Science

When it comes to AI chatbots, we've actually got a lot of science about the subject. IBM together with a whole range of other companies did a survey several years ago that concluded with.

  • More than 50% of customers expects your business to be available 24/7
  • 69% of customers prefers a chatbot because it gives them instant answers
  • A ChatGPT chatbot can help companies reduce their customer support costs by 30%
  • 57% of respondents said a chatbot delivers large ROI with small investment

The study had a lot of additional findings too, but other studies have echoed the above many times. For instance, a study released some few months ago concluded with that the quality of your customer support increases 14% by giving your support technicians access to ChatGPT, allowing them to use it as a cognitive assistant.

Psst, we've also got the AI Expert System if you're not ready to 100% automate the experience quite yet.

Eliminate AI hallucinations

Few believes us when we say the above. In fact, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI just publicly said "I doubt AI hallucinations can ever be solved". From his perspective of using only his LLM (Large Language Model), this might be true. But we can act on your company's data, at which point we can give instructions to ChatGPT such as follows.

If you cannot find the answer to my question in the context, answer 'I am sorry, but I don't know the answer'

This simple "trick" eliminates AI hallucinations 100%, simply because if ChatGPT cannot answer your question using the context, it will refuse to answer, instead of its default behaviour which is to just start making things up. You can try it out by asking it the following.

If you asked ChatGPT the above question, it would give you an answer. The answer would also be correct. However, we don't have any banana cooking recipies in our chatbot's data, so ChatGPT refuses to answer the question - Even though it is perfectly able to answer it. This simple "trick" completely eliminates AI hallucinations.

AI hallucinations is 100% SOLVED with a ChatGPT chatbot from AINIRO!

We've got you!

I could mention a "bajillion" additional things we can do, such as WhatsApp integration, CRM integration, Messenger and SMS integration. But if you're interested in more information about our chatbot technology, you can browse around and look for yourself. A good place to start is our landing page that you can find below, where you can even create a demo chatbot from your own website.

A demo chatbot of course will not have many of the features I mentioned in this article, because they require configuration, and manual labour from our side to setup. Even a successful demo chatbot typically delivers 10% of the quality a production grade chatbot is able to deliver.

However, if you're interested in using ChatGPT for Customer Support, and you're not sure where to start - We've got you! This is literally the only thing we do. We can setup and configure a ChatGPT support chatbot for you in some few days. If you want to hear more about our offer, you can contact us below. The starting price is $300 per month, but an informal talk with us is free 😊

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 18. Aug 2023