The E-Commerce ChatGPT Chatbot

The E-Commerce ChatGPT Chatbot

Claiming to have The E-Commerce AI Chatbot might sound a bit over confident, until you see the video at the bottom of this article. Before you watch it, let's go through some of the features we've got in our AI chatbot to drive home the point.

These 3 features alone should be enough to smoke the competition. Imagine you're a drop shipper and you're selling t-shirts. A visitor comes to your page and asks "Can I have the funny Unicorn t-shirt in pink?" 30 seconds later the chatbot answers ...

Absolutely Peter! 😊 You can have our Unicorn t-shirt in blue, green, yellow and also pink. Below is a photo of how it looks like in pink! 😊

... then the chatbot displays a photo of your pink Unicorn t-shirt ...

These are 3 of our unique features. We have so many features in our chatbot we had to remove our list of features, because it became too much for our page to handle without creating a "wall of text".

Using ChatGPT to Create Engagement

According to research into sales, it takes 8 touches before a lead becomes a paying client. A chatbot such as ours can easily automate at least 5 of these touches, sometimes all 8. The chatbot creates an "emotional bond" between itself, your products, and the user asking questions.

It's like having a free 24/7 Sales Executive speaking with every single user visiting your website

Sales is about 3 things; Relationships, relationships, and relationships. Our chatbot technology creates a relationship because of our tendency as humans to anthropomorphise inanimate objects. This results in your visitors becoming emotionally bonded with your website, because it "feels as if it's speaking to a human", when it's actually speaking to a chatbot, that at least in theory might hold hundreds of thousands of similar conversations simultaneously. The user "feels as if he or she is getting the chatbot's undivided attention", resulting in that the user feels "important".

Hiring humans to do the above would cost a small fortune in salary. Our ChatGPT chatbot starts out at $300 per month.

Using ChatGPT to Collect Data from Users

If you try out our chatbot in the bottom/right corner, you'll see it asks you for your name before it allows you to interact with it. This is a "custom questionnaire". We can collect name, email, phone number, and whatever information you wish from your users. This information becomes yours and you can freely use it in your marketing.

Capture leads with ChatGPT

When we implemented the lead generation feature, we experienced a 700% increase in leads from our website. Many of these leads ended up becoming paying customers. Buying leads such as this can sometimes cost you hundreds of dollars per lead. With our technology you can collect hundreds of leads every single day for $300 per month. You can read more about how we collect data from your users below.

Guiding Visitors to your Checkout Form

Once your visitor reaches your checkout form, and is willing to provide you with payment information, you've earned money. This is the goal of every single E-Commerce website on the planet. Our chatbot works as a shepherd, herding your visitors to your purchasing form. Let me illustrate with an example.

Using a ChatGPT chatbot to help you sell

What the chatbot answers given a specific question can of course be completely customised, and depends upon your particular needs. When you become our client, we work closely with you until you're happy, to make sure your chatbot works according to your needs.

We've got your back!

A demo chatbot doesn't contain much of the above, and might answer incorrectly - But when we get a paying client, we get to work, and spend hours configuring your chatbot until it matches your requirements 100% accurately.

We've turned ChatGPT into an artform. We can basically make ChatGPT say anything you wish. If you want to see what we can do for you, feel free to contact us or create a demo ChatGPT chatbot here. Either way, you get to enter our sales track, allowing you to see with your own eyes that this is something we know!

NOW you can watch the video 😁

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 6. Aug 2023

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