The ChatGPT Chatbot that Knows your Name

The ChatGPT Chatbot that Knows your Name

Do me a favour, try out our ChatGPT chatbot in the bottom/right corner, and give it your name when it asks for it. Then ask it any question such as for instance Can I have a chatbot on WhatsApp? The point being that it will address you by your name, providing a personalized experience.

When our chatbot asks you for your name, it is actually giving you a dynamically declared "questionnaire". A questionnaire such as this can contain any question you wish. You decide if each question should become a part of its "context" or not. Below is an example to illustrate how this provides a personalized experience.

ChatGPT chatbot with personalized experience providing your name

When you supply it with your name, it will use that name as it answers your questions, such as illustrated in the following screenshot.

ChatGPT chatbot with personalized experience

If you look closely at the above screenshot, you will see that ChatGPT starts out with "Absolutely Peter".This is because once you supply it with your name, the chatbot will know your name, and use it in its conversations with you as it answers your questions.

Chatbot questionnaires

The way it works is really quite simple. We've created "questionnaire" support for individual models, where a questionnaire can contain any questions you wish - Including asking for the user's email address, phone number, etc. This is stored on the server and associated with the user ID, which is generated the first time you use our chatbot. Later when you come back, assuming you're using the same browser, the backend will dynamically load up any questions/answers that we've declared as "context" answers, and inject this into the stream we're sending to OpenAI.

This allows you to not only "harvest" marketing related data from users, but also to provide a personalized chatgpt chatbot experience, where the chatbot can answer questions related to your particular data, and remember you across sessions. In the future we will also build "trigger questionnaires", allowing you to trigger some sort of event, such as newsletter subscriptions, sending emails, adding to lists, export to CRM - But for now I think this is a pretty kick ass feature 😊

All the data the chatbot is collecting using such questionnaires are persistently stored inside your cloudlet, assuming you've got (at least) the professional plan. This allows you to export such data, becoming the foundation for your lead funnel, and do all sorts of segmented and interesting things with the data.

More to come later ...

Thomas Hansen

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Published 31. Jul 2023