Using ChatGPT for FAQ

Using ChatGPT for FAQ

We just upgraded our ChatGPT chatbot with an FAQ feature. Instead of me explaining it, let me have the feature explain itself. Click a couple of the links below to get started. Notice, you have to click the "submit" button after having clicked a link.

Even stuff such as Find me information related to the query "Who won US Open in 2023" and create a summary with images also perfectly works. The point is that it's a "conversation starter", and the chatbot will do its best to convince your users to buy your products if configured correctly. At the same time, it gives "life" to your website, making it more interactive, having AI and ChatGPT penetrate it completely.

For $300 per month, your website looks like it's a billion dollar website 😁

Engagement becomes revenue

Research shows that if you can have visitors interact with your website, the probability of converting visitors to paid customers significantly increases. By adding small "hyperlinks" that makes the user engage with your website, an "emotional bond" is automatically created between the end user and your website. It also solves another problem, which can be described as follows: "Cool, I've got an AI chatbot I can ask anything, I still have no idea what to ask it!"

Think about it as follows. You click the button on the bottom/right corner of this page, and you've got access to a ChatGPT chatbot with "a bajillion in IQ", that can answer any questions you've got. Now comes the dilemma ...

What do you ask it?

By providing "conversations starters" such as we did in the above list, you've eliminated the problem by having the chatbot invite users by providing example questions becoming a foundation for a conversation.

Most other chatbot vendors will add such features as an integrated part of their chatbot UI. This still implies the user needs to click the chat button first. Our solution allows you to create as many questions as you want, on different parts of your website, horizontally integrating with your CMS - And have the user start a conversation before he even knows that's what he's doing!

Below is the HTML markup to create a conversation starter.

<a href="#" onclick="ainiro_faq_question(event); return false;">Can you search the web?</a>

If you've got a CMS that somehow allows you to paste HTML into your pages, you can create as many "hyperlinks" such as the above as you wish. This allows you to have different FAQ questions on different parts of your website, with the end goal being to increase engagement. The anchor text becomes the question.

FAQ on Steroids

The above is its value before you start realising the FAQ benefits. Using a ChatGPT chatbot for frequently asked questions allows users to ask follow up questions, and have the chatbot simplify its answers. Consider this as an example.

Explain your ChatGPT chatbot as if I was five

As far as I am concerned, the above answer is nothing short of an AI software development miracle 😁

Here's another example What's the difference between your AI Website Search and your ChatGPT chatbot products? You could write a "bajillion" FAQ items and never be able to provide information as accurately as our ChatGPT chatbot can do once a question has been formally answered.

The advantage from an FAQ point of view, is that instead of spending days on formulating answers, you spend some few minutes formulating your questions. The end result becomes an engaging AI assistance, dynamically answering questions your users might have - While at the same time creating an emotional bond between the user and your website, resulting in increased conversion from users to customers.

The path forward

If you are one of our partners or clients, these are things we will be focusing on in the near future. For months we have focused on backend quality and rich features, such as live internet access, giving ChatGPT access to real time information, integrating ChatGPT with DuckDuckGo, etc.

The path forward in the near future is upgrading the UI and UX. This ChatGPT FAQ feature is just an example of this. Integrating with your CMS, adding support for widgets, anything "frontend related" will be the focus in the near future.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 23. Jul 2023