Promoting ChatGPT to our CEO

Promoting ChatGPT to our CEO

We've started the process of automating everything we do with AI. We've created a personal assistant on top of a custom GPT that allows us to significantly increase our productivity.

We implemented it using Magic Cloud, allowing us to generate code and APIs extremely rapidly. This creates a personal AI assistant that we can use to perform tasks we normally have to manually do ourselves. On average I can create one new API endpoint every 5 minutes using Magic and Low-Code software development automation.

This implies that every 5 minutes "our CEO" is learning one new task

CEO defined

Obviously, we don't allow it to perform autonomous tasks without us telling it what we want it to do, but that's kind of the big joke here. Steve Jobs was famous for having said "We hire smart people such that they can tell us what to do." Implying the CEO isn't actually the person making the decision, the CEO seeks the best advice amongst his or her employees, for then to execute upon what they collectively decide. If you're working for a CEO that disagrees with this, you might want to consider finding another job ...

If you're the smartest guy in the room, you're in the WRONG ROOM!

This is why it's called "Chief Execution Officer". Great CEOs executes what his or her employees agrees upon using informed decision making processes. Below is an example of things our "CEO" can do for us.

What our custom GPT can do

It's got lots of additional features, such as for instance.

  • "Retrieve all charges from, create an email summarizing the charges, and send them to me as a report"
  • "Retrieve the last 3 receipts for and send them to Jane"
  • "Create and deploy a new cloudlet named foo, and send login information to"
  • Etc ...

AI-based Personal Assistants

The AI is rapidly becoming our sole point of contact to back office administration tasks. The other day I was at a networking event, and some guy asked me what we do. I told him what we're doing, and created a demo cloudlet for him lasting for 7 days that he can play around with. I did everything from my phone using ChatGPT on my iPhone.

We can now (almost) run our entire company from our phones!

The future of work

With the speed we're now improving and automating, it seems possible that we might not need anything but a phone 6 months down the road to run everything in our company. Implying, not only do we all have home office, but we don't even need to be at home to work. In theory we could run the company with an earplug while wind surfing in the Caribbean, assuming we've got an internet connection.

Below is a photo of "me in my future office" 😂

Windsurfing while speaking on the phone working

Will AI steal your job?

AI is rapidly changing the way we work. If you fear AI will steal your job, it will steal your job. This is basic psychology and physiology, and doesn't have anything to do with AI. Once you fear something, your frontal cortext shuts down, your reptile brain takes over, and you can no longer make rational decisions, because you're in "fight or flight mode".

In fight or flight mode you're about as useful to your colleagues as a broken computer

So after a while, your manager is going to tell you they won't be needing your services anymore.

Using AI to KEEP your job!

If you're smart though, instead of asking how the AI will steal your job, ask yourself "how can I become even better at my job by leveraging AI?" You won't be replaced by an AI, you will be replaced by somebody leveraging AI. Somebody who's better at doing your job, because they didn't fear the AI, so they could accumulate new knowledge and become better than you.

Not only will this person take your job, but he'll probably be able to overemploy himself, working for 15 companies simultaneously, while wind surfing and enjoying the beach. And the paradox is that if you ask any one of his employers, they will tell you he's the best dude they ever hired - And he's 10x as productive as the guy they used to have in that position (you!)

(Smart) managers cares about one thing, one thing only, and that is "is he or she doing their job?"

At the end of the day, I would rather hire a sales executive that works 5 minutes per day, while closing 5 sales per day - Then a sales executive working 80 hours per week, closing one sale per month. It's basic math. Smart managers don't care how much you work, they only care about if your job is done!

The AI difference

Today according to Microsoft research a software developer leveraging CoPilot is approximately 55% more productive. You still need a software developer to phrase questions. However, with the speed things are moving now, these 55% might rapidly become 550%. At that point there won't exist a single software developer on the planet still having a job, unless he or she is using AI. It's basic math ...

  • Hire a developer that needs 2 months to deliver?
  • Hire a developer that needs 2 days to deliver?

Once confronted with the above, the answer becomes obvious ...


Do not fear AI, embrace it. If you don't you're in for a very, very, very rough ride. 12 months from now, there won't exist a single company on earth not leveraging AI somehow, and there won't exist a single knowledge worker still having a job not using AI.

While those having a job, will have 10x salary, spending 10% of the effort, and in theory possibly doing their jobs while wind surfing in the Caribbean ...

Sorry for the clickbait header

For the record, Tage Leander Hansen is still our CEO, but I needed some clickbait header to have you read a very important message - And since I realise that most of you who fear that the AI will steal your job would enjoy having your CEOs lose their jobs to the AI, I figured you'd click and read my important message to you ... 😉

"If having a job was such a fantastic thing, the rich would keep all the jobs to themselves" ... 😂

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 26. Jan 2024