The End of Google

The End of Google

When you're building a platform, there's nothing more important than to have others build on top of your platform. It wasn't Microsoft's software that made Bill Gates rich, it was everybody elses software. Other companies building on top of Microsoft Windows made Bill a "bajillionaire".

AINIRO is an independent software company delivering AI chatbots and general AI solutions. We've got one employee; me. I'm the only software developer ever having added to our codebase, and we've got a better product than Google. Sceptical? Let me prove it ...

Booking a table at a vegan restaurant using AI

And yes, it did send an email. That's one example, I've got a "bajillion" examples of where we're outshining Google so badly that Google resembles a steamboat in the age of rocket ships. Below is another one.

Finding a taxi with AI

You can try it for yourselves by clicking the chatbot button in the bottom / right corner of this page 😊

I'm not alone

Today there are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs building value on top of OpenAI. All of us are spending thousands of hours of our time adding to OpenAI's value proposition. OpenAI is a platform vendor, and they're delivering a platform that allows us to simply create better software. This gives us a sustainable business model where we can support our families. If Google invents AI that can literally explain the meaning of life at this point, it's simply too late. None of us will start over!

We've already invested too much into OpenAI, and it's already too late for Google

18 months after ChatGPT went viral, the quality of your LLM is no longer important. As long as it is "good enough", we'll stay with our current horse. This implies Google has to invent something that's literally 1,000x better than whatever OpenAI is giving us, which of course at this point in time is impossible. It doesn't matter if it's 10x better than OpenAI, because it implies we'll all have to work 1,000 hours to integrate it, and we're already making money on OpenAI.

This implies that OpenAI today literally has an army of millions of software developers, who knows everything about their platform, and we'll defend it with everything we've got if it's threatened. It's our bread and butter, and Google's ability to innovate in the AI space is nothing but a threat to our abilities to feed our families.

You should have learned your lesson with IE6 Google ...

Silverlight and Adobe Flex

Silverlight and Adobe Flex was a software development platform. Especially Silverlight was several orders of magnitudes "better" than JavaScript and the web. Developers couldn't give less of a sjit, because they needed something portable - Something they owned.

The problem with Google is slightly different, but it's still a similar mechanism at play here - Which is "network effects". Network effects will kill Google, combined with their inability to innovate and create products out of their own inventions. Sure, LLMs were invented by Google, but Ajax was invented by Microsoft, and Ajax killed Microsoft's dominance in the application space, the same way LLMs will inevitably kill Google.

Goodbye Google, today I'll have myself some Champagne and celebrate your funeral 🥳

Psst, just saying - FYI, I couldn't give less of a sjit - Fuck you Google! 😂

Blocked by Google

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 28. Jun 2024

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