ChatGPT for E-Commerce

ChatGPT for E-Commerce

How do you set yourself apart as an E-Commerce company? There are millions of E-Commerce websites out there, and gaining attention might seem like a non-stop constant uphill battle. Your visitors have attention spans of 1 to 4 seconds. Unless you can engage them on your site in seconds, they'll probably click the back button and end up at your competitor's website.

ChatGPT is actually the perfect tool for you. Not in its vanilla form of course. Leading visitors to ChatGPT achieves nothing. However, embedding a website chatbot based upon ChatGPT such as ours, can rapidly increase engagement, allowing your visitors to ask questions, having your chatbot answer according to your data. Click our chatbot in the bottom/right corner of this page and ask it; "What is the best chatbot for my E-Commerce website?" - At which point it will probably answer something resembling the following.

E-Commerce ChatGPT-based website chatbot

The way we created this chatbot was by scraping our website. This process takes 5 minutes for us, allowing us to create a similar chatbot for your company.

AI Search for E-Commerce

Our ChatGPT-based website chatbot can also provide references to which parts of its training data was used to generate its response. This will have it provide links to results on your website that was used to answer the question. Implying if a visitors asks "I want a blue wireless gaming headset", the chatbot will give the user a link to whatever page on your website matches that description. Try out our pure AI Search solution in the top/right corner of this page. Searching for "How do I get a ChatGPT website chatbot" will show you something such as follows.

How to leverag AI Search in your C-Commerce Website

You can read more about AI Website Search here.

Statistics and data

If you're serious about your E-Commerce company, you already know data is everything. What are my customers looking for, and which products should I provide to them. These are essential questions anybody serious about E-Commerce are analyzing on a weekly basis to make sure they're ahead of the curve.

One unique feature with our chatbots is that they will log questions and answers. This gives you a sneak peek into the minds of your website visitors, allowing you to see how they're phrasing their questions, and what products they're looking for. Extracting statistics and factual data from our chatbot platform is easy - Something you can see in the following KPI chart.

Chatbot KPI and statistics

This gives you insight which again leads to better strategy, resulting in higher conversion and more revenue. We are also able to create unique KPI charts, reports and statistics, based upon your exact needs.

Get your own chatbot

If you're interested in talking with us about how we can help your E-Commerce initiatives, we would love to talk with you.

Thomas Hansen

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Published 25. Apr 2023