Club de Mode, a Shopify and ChatGPT Case Study

Club de Mode, a Shopify and ChatGPT Case Study

Club de Mode is an exclusive E-Commerce website built on Shopify selling luxury items, and we were approached by its owners to increase engagement using our AI chatbot.

When delivering website widgets to a site such as Club de Mode, style and artistery is everything obviously. Having a pink flying elephant chatbot widget in the bottom right corner obviously does not "jive" next to names such as Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, and Burberry.

In addition quality technology becomes crucial to avoid negatively affecting SEO efforts and page load time. Shoppers are in a hurry, and if the chatbot widget adds 2MB of bandwidth required to download before shopping can be done, half of all users will probably click the back button and chose another E-Commerce site. Below you can see the design we chose for their chatbot.

Club de Mode ChatGPT and Shopify Chatbot

I personally think the Scandinavian Chocolate design blends in beautifully with their website, without being too intrusive or degrading their existing design in any ways. Before the user initiates a chat session, the chatbot button is also barely visible at all, and only becomes visible as the user starts scrolling - Which is by design.

Implementation details

First of all their chatbot will automatically extract products from Shopify using Shopify's API, 1AM at night, UTC time, every day of the week. This process extracts new products, deletes products that are no longer available, keeps count of stock, price, and everything. This allows the chatbot to always work with fresh data, which obviously is crucial, such that the chatbot doesn't try to sell products Club de Mode no longer carries in their shop.

Secondly the chatbot is configured to act as a sales executive, doing everything it can to sell product. There's only one item left of the above watch for instance, so the chatbot will instill a sense of urgency letting the user know there's only some few items left - Something you can see below.

Hurry up and buy while still available

The link in the chatbot also guides the user directly to the page where he or she can buy the item, in addition to that the chatbot displays images. The latter have shown to drastically improve conversions in E-Commerce.

Personalized experience

If you try out Club de Mode's Chatbot you will notice it asks you for your name. This allows the chatbot to address the user by his or her name. This again drastically increases sales because we're human beings, and as human beings, our favourite word is our own name. Being addressed by our names, makes us feel important, and becomes a "compliment" further increasing trust, facilitating for more sales.

The chatbot will also remember the user's name if the user comes back 3 months later. Sales is about trust, trust, and trust. Showing product images and addressing the user by name increases trust drastically. This is why merchants in Egypt often knows some few phrases and words in all languages typically spoken by tourists, in addition to being able to remember hundreds of names of tourists currently vacating in their city - Something I'm sure most of my readers have experienced.

Who here can honestly tell me they never come back from Egypt or Turkey with something you didn't need, because the merchant gave you tea, spoke your native language, and cheered for your favourite soccer club ... 😂

Future improvements

Another thing we're considering implementing in the project's phase 2 is collecting emails. These can be intergrated with newsletter email campaigns, and/or exported to a CRM of choice - But for now, the chatbot does not collect emails.

Another thing we'll be doing for Club de Mode is to monitor the chatbot for a couple of weeks, allowing us to see how it responds in "the wild", to improve upon it if there are questions it cannot answer correctly.

In a month or two we will also probably have figures in regards to how much conversions increased, but that is for a future article. The chatbot went live literally today so obviously it is too early to show figures.

Video demonstration

Below is a video where I go through what we imagine is an "average shopping experience", illustrating how the chatbot "guides" me into buying product. If you want a similar chatbot for your Shopify E-Commerce system, you can contact us here.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 9. Sep 2023

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