How to Start an AI Chatbot SaaS Company - White label

How to Start an AI Chatbot SaaS Company - White label

For an entry cost of $298 per month, you can have your own AI chatbot SaaS company. The way it works is that we provide you with the platform you need to start selling AI chatbots. You use our platform to create AI chatbots for your customers. You pay us a fixed cost per month, and you can charge whatever you wish to your clients for your AI chatbots. Your customers only deals with you, you manage them, and none of your customers even needs to know we're actually delivering the software. We will provide you with second level support, but you handle your clients.

The math

Our professional plan has a cost of $298 per month. This plan allows for creating 10,000 training snippets in total. Since most websites typically have only 50 to 100 pages, resulting in roughly 100 training snippets per chatbot, this should be more than enough to create 10 website AI chatbots, each with 1,000 training snippets, implying these would be large companies, allowing you to scrape 500 to 1,000 pages, and/or upload PDF files, etc, to strengthen the AI chatbot.

What you charge your clients is your business, but if you charge your clients $100 per month for an AI chatbot, and you also pay the OpenAI API tokens, and you set a maximum number of questions to 500 per AI chatbot, you would have roughly the following cost. Notice, the OpenAI API token costs are estimates and might vary. If you deliver your chatbots based upon GPT-3.5, the OpenAI API costs would be significantly lower.

  • $298 to us per month
  • $250 per month to OpenAI
  • Leaving you with $452 per month

Resulting in that for 10 clients, you'd be left with $452 per month in recurring revenue. However, the really big numbers kicks in with the Enterprise plan. The Enterprise plan allows you to create up to 50 AI chatbots. So once you've got enough clients to bump your cloudlet to the Enterprise plan, and you manage to fill up a cloudlet with 50 clients, each paying you $100 per month, you'd be looking at the following.

  • $498 to use per month
  • $1,250 per month to OpenAI
  • Leaving you with $3,252 per month

At the Enterprise plan you're making $3,252 per month if you fill a cloudlet with AI chatbots

For the following plans you'd be looking at a maximum net revenue (profit) per month, assuming you can fill up each plan.

  • Professional $452 per month
  • Enterprise $3,250 per month

And, you are of course free to purchase as many cloudlets as you wish. If you're able to get 500 clients, filling 10 Enterprise cloudlets, you'd be looking at $32,500 in recurring revenue per month (profit). We can also upgrade the cloudlet as you need more chatbots, upgrading your plan in the process.

Notice, the enterprise plan math assumes that each client only has on average of 600 training snippets each, which is a maximum of roughly 500 web pages depending upon how the pages are structured and the quality of the website. In our experience, 98% of all websites out there have less than 500 pages though, so this should not be a problem. Besides, the 30,000 max training snippets is for the cloudlet as a whole, allowing you to onboard some clients with more pages, and some clients with less pages.

If you purchase a cloudlet, we also provide 7-days free trial before your payment card is deducted any money, giving you a week to try out selling things to see if you can get it to work.

We will support you

Once you purchase a cloudlet, we will organise a training and onboarding session with you, and create a cloudlet to you that you can administrate as you see fit. This takes roughly one hour, but we will also support you with whatever you need help with. To understand how you'd be working, take a look at the following video.

Thomas Hansen

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Published 6. Apr 2024