Nasdaq Top 10 Faking AI and Committing Securities Fraud to Compete with Mom'n'Pop Software Shops

Nasdaq Top 10 Faking AI and Committing Securities Fraud to Compete with Mom'n'Pop Software Shops

If you look at top 10 Nasdaq companies such as Google, Amazon, etc, you probably already know that most of these companies are heavily invested into AI. In fact, in early 2023 Google sounded "red alarm" because of ChatGPT going viral. They even pulled Sergey Brin back from retirement to try to "save them from ChatGPT".

Amazon's Just Walk Out AI Fraud

Remember Amazon's "Just Walk Out"? The project allowed you to walk into a retail store, put products in your pocket, and just walk out of the store without paying. The idea was that "a super advanced AI system" would analyze what you picked up and automatically charge you for the products you took. The problem was that it was all just a scam.

There was no AI, only 1,000 minimum wage workers in India and Bangladesh

A whistleblower at Amazon leaked the truth, which was that 70% of all purchases were being manually inspected by human workers in Bangladesh and India, for then to charge your bank account for whatever items you had taken.

Google's AI Scams

When Google launched Gemini, they completely misrepresented the truth about Gemini. They came forth with claims about Gemini that was simply not true, manipulated the video footage, and flat out lied about their own AI's capabilities - To an extent that created outrage amongst the AI community, resulting in a backlash of epic proportions.

In addition to the above Gemini scam, there are literally 16,000 "quality controllers" sitting in places like Bangladesh and India to, and I quote; "Ensuring the quality of the Google search index". The document that instructs these people about how to do their job was leaked some time ago. This is especially interesting considering Google was literally founded an PageRank, an algorithm that was based upon internet democracy and automation.

PageRank was invented 25 years ago. Today Google can't even do basic automation of their own search index, to the point where they have entire countries filled with people manually quality assuring your website before they decide how they will allow it to score in their search engine.

No wonder you have to go to page 15 soon to scroll past all the crappy ads and "shopping experiences" Google plasters on their search engine these days. They have to pay these workers I presume ...

Other AI-based scams

I've written about several similar scams on this blog myself, below are some examples.

However, an exhaustive list would probably include 99% of top 100 Nasdaq companies at this point.

Google is terrified of us

Unless you've been hiding under a rock the last 18 months, you already know that Google fears AI as if it was the devil incarnated. This obviously explains their faked AI initiatives, such as Gemini and other scams they've inflicted upon the world lately.

However, this fear goes so deep that Google are actually attacking small mom'n'pop software shops delivering AI chatbots. Yup, believe it or not, but Google are using internal human resources to ensure your friendly neighbourhood AI chatbot does not make it in front of peoples eyes. Look at the following chart.

Google fighting AINIRO

The above orange line is our Google traffic. In June of 2023, it started spiking and traffic was exploding. Over the next 3 months, Google was slowly picking us out from their search index, one keyword at the time, the same way you would pick weed out of your garden.

Basically, Google is so terrified of competing with a tiny little AI chatbot company, with a single software developer, that they're using huge amounts of resources to pluck out keywords we're scoring for, one at the time, until we're getting almost no more traffic from them - Even though the other lines in the above chart clearly illustrates that both our quality and domain rating is increasing in the same period. Basically, Google have "black listed" our domain, shadow banning us from their index, making it impossible for us to compete on fair terms.

So somewhere in Bangladesh or India is Google's "AINIRO team", doing their best to make sure the world doesn't know anything about us, and preferably don't even know we exist.

I guess that tells you what quality we're able to deliver, when not even Google can compete with us on fairm terms 😂

What they fear

We've got an AI chatbot. The big thing about it is that you can embed it on your website and use it for e-commerce and customer service. Our AI chatbot works as an AI-based customer service agent, and will recommend products and services from the website it is embedded on.

This increases conversions by a lot for an e-commerce website, in addition to that it decreases manual customer support requests a lot - Simply because the AI is able to do the job of people who would normally have to answer requests and questions about the website they're currently visiting.

In addition, research by IBM have shown us how 69% of your customers actually prefers an AI chatbot, because it gives them instant answers. You can click the button below to ask our AI chatbot a question to illustrate how it works.

The definition of Securities Fraud

Securities Fraud is when a company is inflating its value by giving false statements about its products or other parts of its operation. Almost the entirety of Nasdaq top 10 companies are already guilty of this. The chairman of the SEC has already started taking out charges against investment advisors, in addition to some smaller companies. the SEC refers to this fraud as "AI washing" if you're interested in it. However, both Google and Amazon, two of the largest IT companies in the world are also guilty of this.

The maximum penalty under the law for committing securities fraud is 25 years in prison. If you want to read more about securities fraud, then go to Google and search for; "Securities Fraud act from 1933" while it's still possible to find on Google 😂

With the way things are developing at Google now, I wouldn't be surprised if Google's "AINIRO team" removes all references to Securities Fraud any time soon 😁

Wrapping up

If Google wanted better AI, all they had to do was to ask us for it. After all, if they paid me a couple of billions per year, I could easily replace their 16,000 strong team in Bangladesh - At this point, I would love to do so too may I add, for reasons that should be fairly obvious at this point 😊

If Google needs better AI to avoid having to commit securities fraud, they can contact us below ...

After all, we're in it to serve, right ...? 😂

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 11. Apr 2024