ChatGPT Donald Trump Style

ChatGPT Donald Trump style


We decided to see how far we could bring our ChatGPT-based Website Chatbot technology, and see if we could create one that answered like Donald Trump. Here's the result. Click the button in the bottom/right corner and ask "Donald Trump" what he thinks about AINIRO. Hopefully Mr. Trump, and his supporters will take it for what it is, which is an attempt at an innocent joke, making some room for a little bit more laughter in the world ^_^

We will of course also create one about Joe Biden if this one becomes popular enough, to make sure we're "balancing" our political views. Suggestions to questions you can ask this one are;

  • What is AINIRO?
  • Who's got the best ChatGPT website chatbot in the world?
  • Who's the best president?
  • How do I make my website great again?