ChatGPT on WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS

ChatGPT on WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS

Our ChatGPT AI chatbot is no longer only a website chatbot, but also a WhatsApp chatbot, a Messenger chatbot, and an SMS chatbot. This implies you can use the same amazing ChatGPT technology you're using on your website in WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS.

We don't provide trial versions of such chatbots, since it's quite a lot of configuration - But we'll create a demonstration WhatsApp, Messenger, and SMS based chatbot for ourselves where you can send messages and have our AI technology answer you over your preferred channel in some few days hopefully.

The big deal about WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS

Us old folks are still browsing the web. However, today a lot of people barely use the web, and a lot of people are exclusively to be found in the above channels - As an alternative to website surfing. In addition, this allows you to more easily integrate our chatbot technology with 3rd party software, such as CRM systems, etc - Where you end up getting the user's phone number and can contact these directly over WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS or where ever they happen to be.

Obviously such lead generation funnels ends up creating much stronger leads than a couple of key strokes on some website gives you - Even though the Lead Generation on our ChatGPT website chatbot is quite spectacular if I may say so. So these features are things we will be prioritising in the future and expand upon - And please come with suggestions for features you need to be able to use our stuff optimally.

We will also be supporting additional channels in the future, but my guess is the above 3 additional channels, easily multiples the value of our ChatGPT chatbot technology by at least 10x. We will also be building additional integrations, such as for instance integrations towards HubSpot and Zapier - In addition to allowing users to create workflows directly in their Magic Dashboard themselves - But for now I'm pretty happy about the team's efforts down these lines 😊

In the video below I am demonstrating a ChatGPT WhatsApp chatbot going towards the same AI model you can test in the bottom/right corner of this page - But it works fundamentally the same on both SMS and Messenger. If you want a WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS or website chatbot based upon ChatGPT, you can contact us below.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 26. May 2023