Our Shopify ChatGPT Chatbot sold product for $8,237.6 in 7 days

Our Shopify ChatGPT Chatbot sold product for $8,237.6 in 7 days

We've written about this before, but in our previous blog it was too early to really conclude since we only had figures for a couple of days. Now we've got numbers for a whole week, and the conclusion is that our ChatGPT chatbot sold product for $8,237.6 in 7 days. The baseline which was the same days in the month of August was $3,499.39, and the sum for the same days in September after our ChatGPT chatbot was installed is $11,826.99.

This implies that our chatbot increased sales by %338! Our chatbot basically sold product for $8,237.6 in 7 days!

  • From the 14th of August to the 22nd of August the site sold for 3,499.39
  • From the 14th of September to the 22nd of September the site sold for 11,826.99

However, I'll include the daily revenue breakdown below such that you can verify my numbers.

Shopify sales before and after chatbot was installed

In case you want to see the raw Shopify screenshot you can find that below.

Shopify sales screenshot

The chatbot was installed the 9th of September, and we spent some 4/5 days stabilising it, making it perform according to our standard. It's the 22nd of September as I am writing this blog, so at the end of today we will probably see additional sales. Ignoring today's revenue where we've got complete sales figures for the 22nd of August and not complete sales figures for the 22nd of September, we're probably looking at close to 400% increase in sales.

Basically, we quadrupled sales by putting our ChatGPT chatbot on the site 😂 😎 🥳

For the month as a whole from the 1st of August to the 22nd of August, and the same days in September, sessions increased only by 17%, so additional traffic cannot in any ways explain these figures - Implying Google Ads or Facebook Ads cannot explain this. The same numbers for conversions implies 31% additional conversions. Of course, once we've got a full month to compare to, conversions will probably end up at 200 to 500 percent increase, but remember the screenshot shows numbers from the 1st to the 22nd. We only had a working chatbot from the 14th of September - So you have to "ignore" the first two weeks of both months.

AINIRO is 5x better than the average AI chatbot

According to research conducted by IBM, Forbes, Accenture, and a whole range of additional companies, an AI chatbot can increase sales by 67%. Our chatbot therefor overshoots the average by 5x. 338% is exactly 5 times as high increase as 67%. This implies that when it comes to selling, at least for Shopify E-Commerce websites, we now have data concluding with that we're 5 times as good as the average AI chatbot provider out there.

An average AI chatbot sells 67% more product. An AINIRO chatbot sells 338% more product

When people ask us how many competotors we've got, I ask them what time of day it is. When they tell me the time, I pretend to be doing some math in my head as I answer; "11,256 at the moment, wait, 257 I mean". Obviously, it's a joke, but there's truth to it. The last 9 months we've seen thousands of ChatGPT-based AI chatbots pop out of the woodwork like maggots. However, the truth of it is we don't have competition - There are simply nobody out there able to do what we do. Let me explain why ...


First of all between ourselves we've got a lot of sales experience. This experience has been "funneled" into our ChatGPT chatbot solution. For instance, our Shopify chatbots for E-Commerce systems are often configured as follows.

  • Always address the user by name - Increases sales by 300% compared to not using names
  • Always show 2 product images - Research about this subject tells us this will increase conversion by an additional 400%
  • Always provide links to page where the item can be purchased - Creates a "single click to purchase" type of experience, becoming the equivalent of a "shock seller shelf"
  • Remember the user's name across sessions - Increasing trust since it makes the user feel as if he or she is "important", in addition to resulting in an "emotional debt" situation, where the user feels he or she needs to reciprocate
  • Scarcity - Warns the user that there are only some few items left in stock if stock is low, resulting in a sense of urgency
  • Given the chatbot a human name - Reducing the artificial feeling one typically gets when interacting with an AI chatbot. The chatbot will still explicitly identify as an AI chatbot, but once given a name, the user will feel a stronger emotional bond towards it, for the same reasons humans gives names to their favourite toys and pets
  • Always show discounts if available - Such that the user feels he is being given a special bargain, further emphasising the need to reciprocate
  • Displaying emoticons - Which of course makes the conversation more visible, providing color, playing on emotions
  • Etc, etc, etc - We could go on for hours

Basically, we've reproduced the world's best sales executive in an AI chatbot based upon ChatGPT to the point where Brian Tracy would be proud of us 😁

We've taken all the research that exists related to E-Commerce and selling, and applied it to our product. But the final nail in the coffin so to speak, is that for Shopify we've got API integration. The last point allows us to import products and inventory on a daily basis, allowing the chatbot to work with "near live data", providing information about stock, changes in prices, new products, remove old products, etc.

Unfortunately we cannot disclose the client we've got numbers for here, since it's proprietary data - But you can try a similar chatbot at Club de Mode to see how the chatbot sells in a live production environment. To give you an idea of how good our Shopify chatbot is at selling, let me show you a screenshot of how it will even move a completely unrelated conversation into providing product information to the user in an attempt at trying to sell relevant products.

An extreme AI sales executive

Then comes the images and the sense of urgency (scarcity!)

An extreme AI sales executive

There's a reason why AINIRO is the #1 ChatGPT chatbot 😁

Wrapping up

We took a Shopify E-Commerce website that was selling product for roughly $14,697.44 per month. We installed our ChatGPT chatbot on it, and turned the site into having a monthly revenue of $49,673.36. This created additional monthly revenue of $34,975.92.

We made the site $34,975.92 in one month by installing a product we're charging €198 per month for!

If you want to talk to us about our ChatGPT chatbot product you can contact us below.

However, we have a loooong line of clients in our pipeline, so please have some patience if we don't answer you immediately. For obvious reasons there's a lot of people wanting to speak to us these days 😊

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 22. Sep 2023