Microsoft's Aj-Aj Shitboat versus AINIRO's AI Chatbot

Microsoft's Aj-Aj Shitboat versus AINIRO's AI Chatbot

Edit - Richard informed me of that it wasn't in fact Microsoft's product, but rather some other AI chatbot company called "PickAxe". I apologise to Microsoft. I also apologise to PickAxe, since I would never have written it in the first place if I had known it was a tiny startup created by a bunch of kids, and I'd rather encourage them to continue, realising they're simply kids. I will still leave this as it is, because this AI chatbot is basically "every single AI chatbot I have ever seen", and I have seen 10,000. So PickAxe is neither better nor worse than any of the others in this space, except us of course, and I am also quite frankly tired of having to argue why a bunch of kids with a ChatGPT-based codebase is supposedly a legitimate competitor of us - So just mentally replace "Microsoft" with "everybody delivering AI chatbots" and the article still holds up ...

Can somebody from the authorities please contact all "alleged AI chatbot providers" out there, and inform them of that polluting the world with garbage is actually a federal crime?

My reasons for asking is because Microsoft is a trillion dollar company, they've got 150,000 employees - Yet still somehow they're incapable of delivering a basic AI chatbot that actually does what it promises.

Notice, we've got one employee. This one employee is doing marketing, social media management, customer support, UX design, some accounting every now and then, holding sales meetings, documenting our platform, and creating training material and YouTube videos - In addition to occasionally finding the time to create and implement an AI chatbot that is objectively 1,000,000 times better than Microsoft's Aj-Aj Shitboat.

One employee outperforms 150,000 employees from a trillion dollar company. And this is not "my opinion", this is using a neutral comparison, based upon facts and numbers!

Watch the video if you think I'm being unfair to Microsoft here ...

Microsoft, this is embarrassing

I love Microsoft. DotNet Core and C# is a software development miracle as far as I'm concerned. They've got some amazing products, and they're not particularly evil either. However, their "Azure AI Website Chatbot" is embarrassing, and this embarrassment leaks into the rest of the organisation.

I don't even want to link to their shitboat because I'm afraid of having my website infected by some Aj-Aj Shitboat virus if I did, so if you want to see their product, you'll have to search for it. In the above video I am demonstrating Microsoft's embeddable AI chatbot towards ours, please watch it such that you can have an informed opinion.

Once you've watched it, your sole remaining question should be; WTF ...??

AI scams

Microsoft is not alone. You can take every single top Fortune 500 company and compare towards our product and you'd see the same.

Basically, every single software company on the planet is more or less committing AI-based fraud, which is a federal crime, since it's a violation of the United States Securities Fraud act from 1933.

It's not hard to create an AI chatbot

I've got a single employee company, me being the employee. I manage our social media accounts, multiple accounts in fact. I write all of our articles. I hold sales meetings and I generate all our leads. I document our platform, and I create instructional YouTube videos about it every now and then - In addition to that I somehow find the time to implement a real AI chatbot. And running AINIRO isn't even my day job!

So let me ask you Microsoft; What are your software development employees doing with their time? Drinking Cappuccino and collecting salary? Because personally, I could have reproduced a better AI chatbot with both of my hands tied to my back, being forced to create the code with my "Yoda Powers" ...

Or maybe your people are too busy censoring me on Reddit to be bothered with actually coding ...?

It's madness

Please dear God, stop the AI hype. Everybody has gone bonkers, and all software companies on earth believes they've somehow magically turned into an AI company today, and it's painful to watch. For Microsoft this is particularly painful to watch, because they actually do have legitimate AI products, such as GitHub's CoPilot for instance.

But please Satya Nadella, you need to plug your "website AI chatbot project", setup your shitboat's landing page with a permanent 301 redirect to, and write an apology email to all clients who got unlucky enough to actually embed this garbage on their websites - Because this is quite frankly embarrassing and painful to watch.

Once you've done that as an act of emergency to prevent the reputation of your company being flushed down the toilet together with your shitboat, you can buy a 100 copies of "Software development for dummies" and hand out amongst the team members responsible for this disaster, give them 6 months unpaid sabbatical, and tell them to not bother coming back unless they actually learned something.

Because your "embeddable website Aj-Aj shitboat" quite frankly looks like it was created by people having no clues what so ever about how to create software systems, having done basic prompt engineering with ChatGPT, copied and pasted the resulting code into your git repo, and claiming it was working code ...

Satya, this one was for free, and you're welcome! But the next time I need to pick up your trash, I'll have to invoice you for obvious reasons ...

Psst, if you worked on this disaster, you might want to start looking for a new job, because I'm at-replying Satya on LinkedIn about it! 🤬

Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen I am the CEO and Founder of AINIRO.IO, Ltd. I am a software developer with more than 25 years of experience. I write about Machine Learning, AI, and how to help organizations adopt said technologies. You can follow me on LinkedIn if you want to read more of what I write.

Published 3. May 2024