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What are the benefits with an AI chatbot?

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ROI for companies using AI

Automate Customer Service

Our unique technology allows us to scrape your website, create a custom AI chatbot, and embed on your website. This saves at least 30% of your costs on customer service.

Put ChatGPT on your website, and make it answer questions your customers have.
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Our AI chatbot on our website answering questions about how to get started and have your own AI chatbot on your website

AI Chatbot Solutions
Make AI your Daily Advantage

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Based upon ChatGPT

Our AI chatbots are powered by OpenAI, which gives you the same incredible quality as ChatGPT.

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AI-based Search

Our AI chatbots can be configured to provide citations and references. Have users instantly find things.

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AI with Your Data

Our AI systems can scrape your website, work with documents, and even live data through Low-Code integrations.

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Our Guarantee

Increase Revenue

An AI Chatbot can increase conversions by 67% according to IBM

Reduce Costs

An AI chatbot can reduce support costs by 30% according to Accenture

Save Time

AI tools can increase productivity by 55% according to Microsoft


Increase Sales

Our AI chatbots can be configured to work as sales assistants for E-Commerce websites. This guides users through their customer journey, and increases conversions by 67%.

Integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, or your CRM, and automate lead generation and sales with an AI chatbot on your website.
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More Productive

An AI chatbot is available 24/7 and can automate customer service and lead generation. 69% of your customers already prefers an AI chatbot according to IBM, because it gives them instant answers.

For only $49 per month, you can have an AI chatbot that answers questions your customers might have while you're sleeping like a baby at night.
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Our AI chatbot on our website answering questions about what integrations it has, Zapier, CRM, Shopify, etc

Customer Testimonials
What They Say

Shukhrat Khannanov

Spotware Systems

shape Shukhrat Khannanov from SpotWare Systems

It is very impressive how AINIRO's product is able to generate accurate context across hundreds if not thousands of pages of tutorials and guides. It is a perfect replacement for unwieldy documentation solutions while being incredibly easy to integrate with!

Marc Trimble

New Options Sports

shape Marc Trimble from New Options Sports

AINIRO's responsiveness and attention to our AI project was second to none. What we thought may take months, was delivered in 3 weeks. Our T2M was cut by 9 weeks, and we were able to begin user testing, get feedback and improve.

Anthony Redmond

Globe Ship

shape GlobeShip Logo

It is so impressive to take a generic unrelated question and then associate that back to the business in a marketing manner. This is absolute genius! I have played with lots of different chatbots before and have never seen anyone that has this capability. Not even close!

Chris Wiggins

Resolve Systems

shape Chris Wiggins from Resolve Systems

The chatbot you have created is leaps and bounds ahead of other tools I have engaged with! We have seen a 30% decrease in support tickets since we implemented the chatbot.


Club de Mode

shape Polynne from Club de Mode

Our sales have increased significantly since the implementation of the chatbot on our website! We definitely recommend AINIRO to everybody out there!

Unique Features

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Product Images

Display images within the conversations to increase conversions, or use them to provide better assistance.

Can you show me an image of Frank?

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Generate Leads

An AINIRO.IO chatbot can collect valuable data and generate leads, 100% automatically.

How do I contact you?

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Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate your chatbot with Shopify, your CRM system, or SendGrid. Always stay ahead of your competition.

What integrations do you offer?


Better Customer Experience

AI chatbots will sell products for 142 billion dollars in 2024 according to IBM and Forbes. 69% of your customers already prefers an AI chatbot, and 50% of your customers expects your company to answer questions 24/7. Are you prepared for the future?

More Sales

Less Costs

Prefers AI


Questions & Answers

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Yes, our platform can periodically crawl and scrape your website for training material and create a custom machine learning model from it. Our website scraper is capable of semantically parsing your website's HTML, extract images and hyperlinks, in addition to code snippets and lists. This produces a high quality RAG / VSS database of training material stored as Markdown.

Yes, you can upload XML files, PDF files, CSV files, JSON files, YAML files, and almost any files you have. We have even created AI chatbots based upon transcripts from YouTube videos and podcasts. We also have a custom CSV file import function, that allows you to import data from almost any data source you have.

You can chose between 20+ different themes, in addition to creating your own theme from scratch. At AINIRO we will also help you to make sure your AI chatbot conforms to your existing design once you start.

Yes, as long as we can somehow get image links, we can configure your chatbot to display images. During crawling the platform will even automatically extract images and hyperlinks from your HTML.

No, our chatbots will not suffer from AI hallucinations at all due to the way it's created. This is done by providing context data to every question, and instructing the underlying LLM that it can only use information found in the context as it answers questions. This completely eliminates AI hallucinations.

Yes, we have two ways to collect personal information from your users; Collecting leads and data collection. Lead generation is useful if your users asks to speak to a human, while questionnaires will force all users to provide data before they can interact with the chatbot.

An AINIRO.IO chatbot can collect email addresses, phone numbers, and any information you're interested in capturing, and automatically transition the conversation to a human being.

Yes, our AI chatbot can connect to the internet and display real time information. This can be information fetched from your SQL database, an API, or even by scraping websites and performing a web search.

We can integrate your chatbot and cloudlet with almost anything you've got, including CRM systems, E-Commerce systems such as Shopify, ERP systems, back office systems, or even SQL databases. Our AI chatbot technology can also browse the web or display real time information. We can even deliver AI Chatbots for WhatsApp, SMS or Messenger.

We have many case studies for both small and large companies. SpotWare is the second largest ForEx trading platform on the planet, while Club de Mode is a small family operated Shopify-based E-Commerce website.

Magic Cloud is a complete open source no-code/low-code software automation platform, which also provides AI solutions such as AI Chatbots, AI Search, and AI Workflows out of the box.

Yes, AINIRO.IO is a Norwegian company, and we obey by the GDPR to the letter. This ensures your privacy and becomes both your guarantee and your customers guarantee. Read more about GDPR compliance here.

You get the AI Chatbot, AI Search, and AI Workflows if you purchase one of our plans. In addition we will also setup and help you configure your AI chatbot and all other aspects of your cloudlet, and we also provide support.

Yes, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee. If you subscribe to one of our professional plans and you're not happy within 30 days, you can ask us to get your money back, and we'll reimburse you without asking questions.

Yes, we provide a 7-day free trial with no obligations. Scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form and we will send you a free demo. Notice, the free demo is just a tiny taste of our AI chatbot, and we don't provide free demos of a complete cloudlet, unless you're 99% certain of that you want a professional plan.

7-Day Free Trial
30-day Money Back Guarantee

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  • 100 web pages max
  • 500 requests per month
  • 1 GPT-3.5 AI chatbot
  • Lead generation included
  • AI Demo Chatbot as is, no cloudlet
  • Basic support
  • OpenAI API key included
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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$49 / mo
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  • 10,000 training snippets, ~5,000 pages
  • 15,000 requests per month
  • 10 chatbots, white label
  • Basic integration and customization
  • 5 hours of initial setup
  • 2 hour of monthly support on email
  • Provide your own OpenAI API key
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Get Started
$298 / mo
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  • 30,000 training snippets, ~15,000 pages
  • 50,000 requests per month
  • 50 chatbots, white label
  • Full integration and customization
  • 10 hours of initial setup
  • 5 hours of monthly support on email or PM
  • Provide your own OpenAI API key
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Get Started
$498 / mo

Your Partners in AI

Thomas Hansen

CEO of AINIRO with more than 25 years of professional experience as a software developer and entrepreneur.


Our AI-based support technician and sales executive, based upon OpenAI and ChatGPT, with billions of parameters.

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